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Thanks to the wonderful resource that is, we can get an estimate of every player's Fantrax output in Europe’s ‘Big 5’ leagues (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France).

Want to see how well a new EPL signing may perform for his new club? Interested to see how Messi or Ronaldo are doing this season? Simply want to know how the likes of Haaland, Sancho and Szoboszlai compare to your favorite Premier League players? We've got you covered!

These ranks are based on Fantrax Default Scoring.


This list will be updated roughly once a month, giving you access to our exclusive list of the best Fantrax players in Europe. The search box is diacritic-sensitive, so if you want to search for Çağlar Söyüncü, for example, just type ‘Leicester’ instead!

Some names are different to what you are used to on Fantrax. For example, Leeds' Raphinha is 'Raphael Dias Belloli' on FBRef.


Scoring is based on 2020/21 Fantrax Default Scoring. 'Fantasy assists' are excluded and clean sheets for outfielders have to be estimated.

FBRef often has dual positions (e.g. MF/FW), but these have been removed for simplicity's sake.

FBRef uses a different data provider (StatsBomb) to Fantrax (Opta) so you’ll notice Premier League players have slightly different scores to what you’d see on Fantrax.

The data is from league matches only.

gPP90 = ghost points per 90 minutes played.

GACS% = the percentage of points gained from Goals, Assists and Clean Sheets.

xPP90 = the same as PP90 but Goals, Assists and Goals Against are replaced with xG, xA and xGA.

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