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Here at The Draft Society we are delighted to be launching our Fantasy Toolkit, a unique resource that we've been developing over the past year to help Fantrax EPL managers.


Our Toolkit helps Draft PL players manage their squads through league-specific and personalised recommendations, guaranteed to increase chances of victory and cut gameweek prep time in half!


The Fantrax Fantasy Toolkit includes:

  • Recommended waiver adds & drops

  • Optimal lineup suggestions

  • Matchup projections

  • Trade calculator

  • All in one customized and personalised package


The Toolkit has been developed through the use of our exclusive Draft PL Inner Circle resources such as our Fantrax Weekly Projections, Weekly Rest-of-Season Ranks, and Fixture Difficulty Tracker, in addition to the use of other algorithms and engineering.

We unveiled our Fantasy Toolkit live on Episode 91 of the Key Pass Collective, click here to watch it. And click here to view our in-depth explainer video of the tool, taking you through how to use the tool and how to maximise its potential!

Our Fantasy Toolkit will be free for the coming weeks, but part of a paid subscription next season.

If you're enjoying our content and would like to support an independent fantasy football site, consider becoming a subscriber this season or next. Members of The Inner Circle will receive exclusive benefits including additional weekly articles/rankings, our unique Fixture Difficulty Tracker, access to our Discord channel, extra podcast episodes, plus much more!

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