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23/24 Auction Draft Player Values Cheat Sheet

Determining how much of your budget you should spend on a given player during an auction draft is a tricky prospect. You may find that you need to stretch a bit beyond your initial valuation for the most premium fantasy assets. But you'll also realize that plenty of players are available for less than you had planned as the auction winds down. Our Auction Player Value Cheat Sheet provides you with a starting point of suggested low-end and high-end values based on your auction budget. Be sure to check out our 23/24 Draft Kit and Pricing Plans.

A spread of cash bills from various countries

Check out our 23/24 Draft Kit for all the pre-season information you could ever need. We've got a Live Draft Aide, Draft Rankings, Team Previews, Cheat Sheets, Strategy Articles, Draft 101. Dominate your draft!

23/24 Fantrax Default Scoring Player Values for Auction Drafts

With some help from Drafterthoughts, I have pulled together a spreadsheet (linked below) that combines my multiple years of experience with auction drafts and our Draft Society Consensus Rankings to establish tiers of approximate valuations for more than 200 players. My hope is that you’ll find this sheet useful as a pre-draft tool to experiment with various budget scenarios and establish your own specific player valuations to take into your draft. Then, come draft day, you’ve got a fully customized sheet you can use to keep track of which players remain and how much you’d be willing to spend to roster them when the auction gets underway.

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