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4 Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Free Up Funds in your Fantrax EPL Auction Draft

Figuring out where to spend big and where to look for value picks is essential to getting the most out of your auction draft. With the best players likely to command hefty sums, you may need to make a few concessions on other upper- to mid-tier fantasy assets if you want to secure their services on your roster. We've selected a handful of potential bargains who could offer you a path to spending more on your top targets. Look for more insight into auction drafts and other fantasy advice in our 23/24 Draft Kit. Pricing plan details here.

Bernardo Silva on the ball against Nottingham Forest in the 22/23 Premier League season

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Potential Bargains for your Fantrax EPL Auction Drafts

As I mentioned in my article highlighting essential strategies you should use to maximize your auction drafts, I'm a strong proponent of making a premium asset a priority for your fantasy roster, and also practicing patience to let some high-potential players slip through the cracks until the late stages of the draft when at least a few of your fellow managers will have exhausted their budgets. Taking the opposite strategy and building a balanced squad of not-quite-elite but also not bottom-of-the-barrel punts is a completely viable strategy as well, but in keeping with the "Draft for first or last, not mid-table" mantra, I think the more top-end potential you can add to your squad, the better. In order to do that and not hamstring your squad by filling it with a bunch low-value or extremely high-risk players, you'll need to be savvy with holding onto your remaining funds and spending them on the right types of players who have the potential to exceed expectations.

While the concept of a "Sleeper" pick doesn't really exist in an auction draft since players can be nominated at any time, there are definitely players who could offer much greater value than what the winning bid for them will be. The following recommendations are by no means intended to be viewed as like-for-like replacements of the players they're compared to but represent opportunities to pursue similar situations to their teammates or other players with similar profiles who are expected to require a greater outlay of your auction budget to capture. This list is also by no means exhaustive, nor are these players guaranteed to remain in the player pool until the late stages, so hopefully you can apply this same logic to other players as you progress through your draft (tip: highlight who they are on your player value cheat sheet).

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