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Fantasy EPL Sleepers: Manchester City

Our Fantasy EPL 21/22 Draft Kit promises to be the most comprehensive set of pre-season Draft Premier League articles ever produced! A key component of our Draft Kit will be the Team Preview articles which analyze key assets to sit alongside our all-important Draft Rankings. This article highlights three potential Fantrax Fantasy EPL Sleepers from Manchester City!

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Manchester City Sleepers

As noted above, these are potential Fantrax Sleepers from Manchester City. These Fantasy EPL players are likely to be drafted in the later rounds. Read below for three under the radar players who could provide excellent value in your pre-season draft.

Raheem Sterling

Position: Forward

20/21 Points: 325 (34th Overall)

20/21 Points Per Start: 11.4

Recommended Draft Pick: 35-45 (12 Team League Rounds 3-4)

Overview: Sterling is poised for a comeback of epic proportions! While managers run left and right to snap up his teammates in the first two rounds, Sterling is the rising phoenix to carry your forward line.

The common motif I'm seeing in certain circles (of the inner variety) is that Sterling has been pushed out of the Top 10-15 Forwards for pre-season ranks. This type of thing commonly happens when a player is drafted as a first rounder or early second rounder and they fail to deliver. Pulisic is a more extreme example that I've already covered in my Chelsea Sleepers. We find Sterling in the same boat. After being slightly frozen out of big games towards the end of last season, managers are backing Foden, Mahrez, and Grealish(?) to siphon big minutes away from the forward.

Here's the counter argument: Sterling delivered three 450+ point seasons prior to his big production dip. He's still a Manchester City forward, and grabbing him late off the board at cut price may be the shrewdest ratio of total points earned to draft pick spent. Southgate may have also been the firm reset button push Sterling needed to rediscover his form. Much to many fans' surprise, Sterling delivered strongly in the EURO 2020 tournament. Although the final showed some of the frustrating traits we've seen with Sterling (over-handling, dribbling into a wall of defenders, etc), Sterling looked visibly more dangerous at the Euros...If Sterling reverts to the outputs he delivered from 2017-2019, he's back in the Top 10 Overall. You can draft him now as your 2nd forward in the early 3rd round right now. Crazy.

Gabriel Jesus

Position: Forward

20/21 Points: 265.5 (69th Overall... Nice)

20/21 Points Per Start: 10.7

Recommended Draft Pick: 48 to 72 (12 Team League: Round 4/5)

Overview: Jesus has died. Jesus has risen. Jesus will come again. When was the last time you can roll the dice on a viable Manchester City forward in the fifth round??

Is there any character arc more disappointing than Jesus? Signed back in 2016, he made an immediate impression and appeared to be Pep's starboy to take the reins from Aguero. Aguero, timeless and immortal, clung on for several seasons, forcing unpredictable rotations and timeshares with Jesus. Last season, Aguero was in recovery from injury or COVID more often than not. It appeared that the window was wide open for Jesus but the early season injury versus Wolves appeared to set him back significantly; it wasn't until March that he delivered a game with 20+ points!

Some managers feel the sun has set on Aguero and Jesus as well. He's the last big ticket asset off the board for Manchester City, around the late fourth to fifth round. Much depends on whether City can secure an elite central striker in the transfer market. If not, Jesus could be excellent value. You will still need to deal with Pep rotation, and it's likely he never reaches his full potential that was discussed when he first came over from Brazil. Even still, getting a Manchester City forward at a huge discount is a rare opportunity. Monitor how your first three to four picks go. If you start strong, I like rolling the dice on Jesus' resurrection.

Ferran Torres

Position: Forward

20/21 Points: 180.5 (142nd overall)

20/21 Points Per Start: 11.1

Recommended Draft Pick: 96-120 (12 Team League: Round 8-10)

Overview: The newest toy in the pipeline of Pep's forwards, Ferran Torres could be a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket for Fantrax. If he hits, you're swimming in the proverbial chocolate river and choking on everlasting gobstoppers.

Due to significant injury and COVID issues, Ferran Torres saw more minutes early in the 2020 season than anyone could have expected. However, he did little and less with the opportunity. Staying relatively healthy though, he was able to train, learn, and grow with the team throughout the year. It seemed to have paid off because in four starts between April 10th and May 14th he delivered games of 16.5, 22.5, 4.5 (vs Chelsea), and 38.5(!!) points. His Man of the Match performance versus Newcastle was so good it's worth linking here to refresh your memory:

Per FBRef's Scouting Tool, Ferran Torres profiles similarly to: Antoine Griezmann, Mohamed Salah, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Harvey Barnes. Know any of them? Torres at some point will be the real deal. Right now, there are too many senior players ahead of him to be worthy of significant capital. Having said that, I'd rather stash the young Spanish forward for several weeks for the chance of juicy, juicy WAR potential. Expect him - like Sane and Foden before him - to grow as the season goes on.

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