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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 22 & 23 Set Piece Takers

Set pieces are an incredibly important part of football, with between 25% and 33% of goals scored coming from a set piece. They are equally important in Fantrax EPL, and in these articles we will highlight the trends in set pieces that will lead to player value fluctuation.

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Gameweek 22 & 23 Set Piece Takers


Did not play in GW22, as game was postponed. In GW23 Smith-Rowe, Saka, Martinelli, and Odegaard all got 2+ corners, with Odegaard the main man on free kicks taking all 4, including 2 shots.

Aston Villa

In GW22, Digne, Luiz, and Coutinho (as a sub) all got 1 corner. Digne and Luiz each got 1 free kick. McGinn did not play. In GW23, Digne and Luiz each got 1 corner, while Luiz had 3 free kicks and Coutinho 1. It appears Digne may outrank McGinn for left footed set pieces, and Luiz and Coutinho its yet to be decided for righties.


In their 2 games of GW22, the only set pieces BRE had were 4 corners from Jensen and 2 corners from Mbeumo. In GW23, Mbeumo had a monopoly with 4 corners and 2 free kicks. Rather strange considering previous taker Janelt started all the games. Seems like a significant shift away from Janelt, but one to keep an eye on.


Pascal Gross got 3 rare starts in GW22/23 in the absence of some of his more preferred teammates. As a result he split corners and free kicks down the middle with MacAllister. 6 to 12 for corners and 1 to 2 for free kicks (Gross to AMA). Gross also took, but missed a penalty. He was subbed off early in GW23 though and with Bissouma and Mwepu back soon, his time might be up again.


Did not play in GW22, as game was postponed. Against Arsenal, Westwood and McNeil each had 2 corners. Against Watford, Westwood and Cornet each had 2 corners and 1 free kick. A worrying sign for McNeil managers, with Cornet back healthy.


Against Brighton, Mount, Alonso, and Ziyech all started and got 2 corners a piece. CHO also started and took 1. Against City, Ziyech took their 1 corner and Hudson-Odoi took their 1 free kick. Alonso started, but Mount did not. In GW23, Mount and Ziyech split corners and free kicks and Alonso did not start.

Crystal Palace

Did not play in GW22, as game was postponed. In GW23 Olise and Gallagher split corners and Olise had 3 free kicks to Gallagher's 1.


In GW22, Gray took 7 corners and Gordon took 1. Gray also took 3 corners, but new signing Mykolenko also took 2 (inaccurate) free kick crosses! Townsend did not play. In GW23, Townsend and Gomes started and split corners. Gray started and had 0. Gordon subbed on for Townsend and took 5. Gordon, Townsend, and Gray each had free kicks. Gordon, Gray, and Gomes are all righties, and Townsend is a lefty, but with Lampard coming in, lineups and priorities may change.

Leicester City

In GW22 & GW23, Maddison had a monopoly with 7 corners and 24free kick crosses


As normal, in GW22 & 23, Raphinha and Dallas split corners (4 to 3 this time) and Raphinha got all 3 free kicks, including 2 shots off target.


In GW22, Alexander-Arnold and Robertson split duties as normal, each taking 1 free kick and multiple corners. Fabinho took and scored a penalty in Salah's AFCON absence.

Manchester City

In GW22, Foden and KDB split corners down the middle and KDB had 3 free kicks including 1 shot on target. In GW23, Foden and KDB still took the majority, but Silva and Grealish got involved as well each taking a corner.

Manchester United

In both their GW22 games, Bruno Fernandes and Telles split corners down the middle, but Telles had 6 free kicks. Ronaldo took 1 direct free kick shot.


Trippier and Fraser split corners down the middle (7 to 4) and Trippier had 2 free kicks to Fraser's 1. Jonjo Shelvey also had 1 direct free kick resulting in a goal!

Norwich City

In GW22 & 23, Rashica had a full monopoly with 9 corners and 7 free kicks!


JWP all day, including a free kick goal!


In Son's absence, Reguilon and Winks each took 4 corners and Kane took their 1 direct free kick shot in GW22. In GW23, Winks took all 4 corners (from both sides) and Reguilon did not start.


In GW22, Ngakia, Cleverley, Femenia and Kayembe all took at least 1 corner for Watford. Dennis and Kucka each 1 free kick shot. In the first game of GW23, Cucho, Cleverley and Kayembe split corners (2, 2, 1) with Kayembe taking their 1 free kick cross. In the second game of GW23, Kiko Femenia was involved again and took 3 corners as did Cleverley. Femenia also took all 2 free kick crosses. The 2nd game of GW23 was Hodgson's 1st, so Femenia could be potentially in good shape going forward (particularly with their first clean sheet in 31 gameweeks).

West Ham

In GW22, Cresswell took all 4 corners and Bowen had 1 free kick cross. In GW23, Fornals, Bowen, and Cresswell each had 1 corner and Cresswell and Rice each had 1 free kick.


Ait-Nouri and Podence each had 1 corner, and Moutinho took 2 free kick crosses in GW22. Raul Jimenez took and scored a penalty. In GW23, Ait-Nouri, Podence, and Moutinho each had 1 corner.

Things to Watch Out For From This Week

  • Will Winks and Reguilon continue to be the primary takers with Son out?

  • How will Watford's situation shake out, particularly with Hodgson's hiring?

  • Will Townsend or Gordon stick in Everton's starting lineup and get sets over Gray?

  • Has Mbeumo fully won set pieces and Janelt lost them?

  • Will Cornet take more sets than McNeil?

Things to Watch Out For From Previous Weeks

  • How will Coutinho and Digne factor into Villa's set piece taker equation? Yes so far, McGinn missing out, less so Luiz

  • Is KDH here to stay and will he keep taking right-sided, left-footed corners over Maddison? Seemed like an anomaly, Maddison had a monopoly in the last 2 matches

  • Will Trippier have a near set-piece monopoly? Taking the majority, but Fraser still getting around 30%

  • Will Olise or Eze ever start for Palace and have priority over Hughes, Mili and Gallagher for set pieces? Olise has begun to start more during AFCON and take set pieces.

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