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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 32 Waiver Wire

Every Fantrax manager knows that Waiver Wire acquisitions can make or break your Fantasy EPL season.  This Gameweek 32 Waiver Wire article is here to help managers pick up the best Draft Premier League players possible ahead of the next Fantrax waiver processing!

Essential reading before the waiver requests process!

Gameweek 32 Waiver Wire

Here we outline Fantasy EPL Waiver Wire Targets that are 40% rostered or below on Fantrax.  These are the low rostered players who could perform very well over the upcoming period!

Liam Cooper

Position: Defender

Team: Leeds

Rostered: 32%

Next Fixture: WAT (A)

Prospects: The Leeds stalwart is finally back healthy and it is most likely your last chance to snap him up. He scores ghosts points galore and looking at the fixture list for ROS, you are likely starting him in all but the game against Man City. Facing Watford this week, Leeds have a chance to put some points between themselves and the relegation zone, but such is Cooper's ghost point potential, that I would not even worry if Watford find 1-2 goals.

Verdict: I would use a high-end waiver claim or 3-8% of my FAB on Cooper

Grant Hanley

Position: Defender

Team: Norwich

Rostered: 8%

Next Fixture: BUR (H)

Prospects: Big CBs playing against Burnley has always been a pretty safe play and Hanley fits the mould perfectly. Challenging Weghorst for a cross at the end of every Burnley attack will result in him collecting those AER+CLR combos all day. FWIW I believe that Burnley will be revitalized by the come from behind victory against fellow relegation rivals, Everton, but I like Hanley's floor even if Norwich concede.

Verdict: I would use a low-end waiver claim or 0-3% of my FAB on Hanley.

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall

Position: Midfielder

Team: Leicester

Rostered: 24%

Next Fixtures: CRY(H)

Prospects: Do not sleep on KDH! He has been one of the best players for Leicester this year and has been steadily bringing in points for his managers in our fantasy game too. A solid floor with some upside and guaranteed minutes will win you games in the minimum 3 (yes, three) DGWs they are about to have ROS! Pick him up now and plug him in if you have been shafted by rotation. You will not regret it.

Verdict: I would use a high-end waiver claim or 5-8% of my FAB on KDH.

Cucho Hernandez

Position: Forward

Team: Watford

Rostered: 15%

Next Fixture: LEE (H)

Prospects: Although Marsch has done a lot of things right to steady the ship at Leeds, they still remain one of the worst teams in the division, so naturally, when scouring the shallow pool of forwards, one rejoices when they see a forward who, usually scores well, is available in most leagues and is facing aforementioned Leeds. We have recommended Joao Pedro on Fantrax HQ, so we will pivot and recommend Cucho here.

Verdict: I would use a low-end waiver claim or 0% of my FAB on Cucho.

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