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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 9 Waiver Wire

Every Fantrax manager knows that Waiver Wire acquisitions can make or break your Fantasy EPL season. Our Gameweek 9 Waiver Wire article is here to help you pick up the best Draft Premier League players possible ahead of the next Fantrax waiver processing!

Essential reading before the Tuesday waiver requests process!

Gameweek 9 Waiver Wire

Here we outline Fantasy EPL Waiver Wire Targets that have 40% rostered or below on Fantrax. These players should perform well over the upcoming period!

Kenny Teté

Position: Defender

Team: Fulham

Rostered: 36%

Next 3 Fixtures: NEW (H), WHU (A), BOU (H)

Prospects: The Dutch defender has been putting up great numbers in the last few weeks for Fulham providing an attacking outlet by pushing high up the pitch. The next 3 fixtures are some of the easiest possible, so look for Fulham to build on the amazing momentum they had by starting so well this season. Teté has done everything needed to dispel murmurs of Mbabu taking his spot, so he looks like a good target for the upcoming fixtures.

Verdict: I would use a mid-tier waiver claim or 2-5 FAB to get him.

Liam Cooper

Position: Defender

Team: Leeds

Rostered: 17%

Next 3 Fixtures: AVL (H), CRY (A), ARS (H)

Prospects: We have been on the 'Cooper is finally starting train' for a while now and the 4 weeks' rest between the last game Leeds played will have done him a world of good. So I will go out on a limb and say he is definitely starting after the International Break. On his day he is a fixture-proof ghost point machine, that day was fairly long ago, so I would proceed with some caution. That said, he is worth a pickup looking at the upcoming fixtures.

Verdict: I would use a mid-tier waiver claim or 0-3 FAB to get him.


Position: Forward

Team: Fulham

Rostered: 22%

Next 3 Fixtures: NEW (H), WHU (A), BOU (H)

Prospects: The Brazilian King is back in the Premier League and he did everything right to start to help us forget about his ill-fated spell at Arsenal. He took some set pieces off Pereira (a corner resulted in an assist) and was a menace throughout the game against Forest. The game plan still relied heavily on the left side of the pitch, so Willian was not involved as much as one would like him to have been, but that is expected with new signing integration. Two weeks of tactics and training will surely result in more plays being drawn up for the right side of the pitch to get the best out of Willian.

Verdict: I would use a mid-tier waiver claim or 2-5 FAB to get him.

Deniz Undav

Position: Forward

Team: Brighton

Rostered: 7%

Next 3 Fixtures: LIV (A), TOT (H), BRF (A)

Prospects: A lot has been said about which Chelsea assets are good to target with a view of an uptick in form under Potter and general consensus has been that Brighton will suffer. However with the appointment of de Zerbi, Brighton have signed one of the most exciting and innovative coaches in Europe. His style is best explained in the video made by Tifo below. He is is most known for intricate attacking play which yields a lot of goals, so I would encourage those with a knack for punting to join me in picking up the former Jupiler Pro League Golden Boot winner.

Verdict: I would use a low-end waiver claim or 0-3 FAB to get him.

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