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The Fantasy Toolkit is LIVE and Free

Updated: May 5, 2023

Here at The Draft Society we are delighted to be launching our Fantasy Toolkit, a unique resource that we've been developing over the past year to help Fanrax EPL managers. Our Toolkit helps Draft PL players manage their squads through league-specific and personalised recommendations, guaranteed to increase chances of victory and cut gameweek prep time in half! NB: Our Fantasy Toolkit will be free for the coming weeks, but part of a paid subscription next season.

Access the Toolkit for free until the end of the 22/23 season!

The Fantrax Fantasy Toolkit includes:

  • Recommended waiver adds & drops

  • Optimal lineup suggestions

  • Matchup projections

  • Trade calculator


The Toolkit has been developed through the use of our exclusive Draft PL Inner Circle resources such as our Fantrax Weekly Projections, Weekly Rest-of-Season Ranks, and Fixture Difficulty Tracker, in addition to the use of other algorithms and engineering.

We unveiled our Fantasy Toolkit live on Episode 91 of the Key Pass Collective, click here to watch it. And click here to view our in-depth explainer video of the tool, taking you through how to use the tool and how to maximise its potential!

Some Inner Circle members have been using the Toolkit for a few months as a test and here is what they said about using it day-to-day:

In a world before this app, I would spend hours mulling over available players in each of my leagues. I’d often forget about a player who may be coming back from injury or just breaking into the starting XI. Now, I patiently await for @DraftLad to announce that the app has been updated with new predictions. It’s like Christmas morning every week! It allows me to see all the top available players, and a good idea on whether they’ll make the lineup. It just streamlines my weekly process of preparing my teams. And this is just a little bit of what the app has to offer. I can also easily see my opponents team, and figure out how I may need to make adjustments to win my matchup. The trade analyzer may be my favorite. I can easily see how trades may affect my team both short term and long term. I probably use the tool 2-3 times a week to craft up trades.

The app has saved me so much work each week! I was doing lookups in my own excel sheet each waiver period, pulling in the projections and ROS rankings, manually scanning waivers and inevitably missing some great options. It's all in one place now and the work is already done for me. It's even got colors to help my brain when I'm up at 4:30am checking that first Saturday kickoff

The app has become huge for my strategy planning week in and week out, I particularly like the add/drop suggestions as they help in identifying some great waiver pickups. Trade calculator also a very nice tool, and something I'm always checking before sending out an offer I think that having some of the available data offered (fixture difficulty, projections, rankings) have helped me to move on from dead weight in my lineup and think about the team more analytically. I owe TDS big credit for my place in super league

This has become my essential tool for my game week selections and pick ups. Especially useful when I don't have much time and need to quickly evaluate players. With more time it becomes the core component of my decisions, assisted by other tools, including fixture difficulty tracker and other content from the draft society (articles and pod). To be honest, the draft society is my Bible.

Our Fantasy Toolkit will be free for the coming weeks, but part of a paid subscription next season.

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