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The Virtues of "Nickel & Diming" - A Strategy to Acquire Fantrax FAB & Win the Waiver Wire

FAB is a very tricky concept to master in Fantrax Draft PL fantasy football leagues. Continuing with our series on how best to manage these funds, Ryan lays out a strategy he employed last season to good effect. "Nickel & Diming" requires some effort, dealing out players sometimes for as little as $1 in FAB, but can pay off big.

Fantrax FAAB

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The Virtues of Nickel & Diming - A Strategy to Acquire Fantrax FAB & Win the Waiver Wire

Ryan lays out a strategy below to acquire FAB for the waiver wire by frequently dealing players for small quantities of FAB...


While some view FAB as a burden, if used correctly, it can win you players on the waiver wire that can help you get a league title. While trades for someone's entire allotted stack of FAB (usually $100) get the headlines and focus, accumulating extra FAB through numerous small transactions - whether via trading players directly for FAB or adding FAB to broader trade deals - over the course of the season can be even more effective. Call it "Fantrax microfinance". It requires you to be active in your league and is easier if you have good relations with fellow managers. But if you're reading this/part of the Inner Circle, I assume this will not be an issue.

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