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Predicting starting linueps, while one of the most important parts of pre-gameweek planning for all forms of Fantasy Football, is far from an exact science. One has to consider a myriad of factors including, but not limited to: formation, tactics, player form, player eligibility, player-manager relationship, suspensions, injuries, opposition tactics, etc. The list goes on and on and on. 

Our Inner Circle members have been privy to DraftLad's regular Fantasy Toolkit updates that not only incorporate projections, medium-to-long-term value and other factors, but also Predicted Starting XIs by DraftLad himself.

Now, those lineup predictions will be available here for each team, every gameweek throughout the season. Check back frequently for the latest predictions to help you make informed decisions for who to pick up to help you on your way to victory.

Predicted Starting XIs - Gameweek 38

Last Updated: 16th May 2024

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