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Community Submission: GW29 Preview for OFPL Scoring Draft

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Thank you to @SnakeDraftFPL for submitting the below Community Submission.

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GW29 Preview for OFPL Scoring Draft

@SnakeDraftFPL are back once again with a video format of the OFPL Scoring Draft Preview! Check out their YouTube channel for even more videos and analysis.

As ever, this content is based on the OFPL Scoring System made famous by the Official Fantasy Premier League game. Bonus points and Kante Points (1 point for every two tackles or interceptions) are also included as per Draft Fantasy Football. Much of this insight will be applicable to OFPL Draft and Fantrax/Togga style too.

Video Timestamps:


0:49 Pickford

01:50 Dubravka


02:37 Doherty

03:34 Cucurella

04:49 Firpo


05:50 Gordon

06:43 Fraser

07:41 Gross


08:46 Bamford

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