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Welcome to The Draft Society! We're very excited to be here! Our focus is the Draft Premier League Fantasy EPL game, and we'll be covering an incredible amount of content on the site. Read below for all the details of who we are, what the site is about, and how YOU can get involved in this wonderful Community we're helping to build.


The Draft Society is your source for all of the Draft Premier League information you could ever need! And it's an opportunity to get involved with a vibrant community of fantasy managers while supporting an independent fantasy football site. We're a group of Draft fanatics with a diverse range of talents who are here to offer you everything you need to crush the competition!


We're proud to say we have the largest Draft Premier League content offering available in one place, and not only that, our writers are incredibly knowledgeable and often entertaining. Our content will provide accurate advice and guidance to help our readers dominate their Fantasy EPL seasons.

  • Player Rankings - Weekly, Rest-of-Season, and Preseason Draft Rankings for multiple platforms

  • Weekly Articles - Gameweek strategies, player pick-ups, expert analysis, differentials, and more!

  • Statistics - Access to Fantasy EPL stats and analysis you simply can't find anywhere else

  • Weekly Podcast - Year-round podcast providing hints, tips, advice and other league-winning info

  • Premium Content - Extra articles, extra rankings, extra podcasts, direct access to our writers, access to publish your own articles on the site, plus many more benefits!


So, who are the team behind The Draft Society? Find below all the details of your friendly neighborhood writers, podcasters, analysts, statisticians, researchers, website developers, editors... the list of tasks these guys complete is vast!

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Joe Williams

Joe is the voice of the Draft Premier League Community. Ever since The Kickaround Podcast took to the airwaves back in 2019, Joe has been at the forefront of the community. The podcast gave him the platform to preach his good vibes to the community, and it's a much better place for it. Now hosting, producing and publishing our very own Key Pass Collective Podcast, this is just the start for Joe.

Joe is a Fantasy EPL veteran, he's the organizer of all things draft, and the teacher of the group (in real life and within our growing society). Also, have you noticed how awesome our website is? This guy designed it.


The Fantasy Football Chaps

The dons of the Community. Had to be taught Togga scoring by the rest of us, but have been playing Draft since the mail in days. The Chaps are former EPL Content Leads for Fantrax HQ and currently consultants for the platform. Their Home League still don't know who they are.


The English duo are obsessed with everything EPL after falling in love with football as children growing up in the 90s. Icons such as Shearer, Beckham, Zola, and Bergkamp introduced them to the game… current stars such as Salah, De Bruyne, Traore and Buendia are keeping the obsession going!

Favorite Crap Footballers: Barry Venison, Christian Benteke, Phil Babb, Cenk Tosun.

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FF Genie

Our very own Genie. Canada's finest Fantasy EPL manager, winner of the inaugural Draft PL Community League, self-proclaimed Burnley hater, and the baby of the group. The Manchester United fan is one of the best in the business and has been providing amazing advice and guidance on Twitter and Fantrax HQ since 2019.


Anyone who has been in a league with Genie knows that he loves a trade. If you own a player that he likes, you will receive a trade offer every single week. Usually including a player Genie has just picked up from waivers.


The Inner Geek

A veteran blogger in the Draft Fantasy EPL Community, The Inner Geek was a key part of the Togga content team several years ago. He is a lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology by day, Fantasy EPL writer by night.


The Inner Geek has gained a reputation for giving back to the Draft Community with his bespoke articles delving into specific leagues offering previews, advice and predictions. These will be a key feature of the Draft Society, as we give as much back to our readers and listeners as possible!



Totti is one of the original members of the Draft Community... Perhaps even the founding member! He's been present on Twitter since anyone can remember. If you play Draft Premier League and have a Twitter account, we're pretty certain you would have interacted with Totti at some point. The man is relentless. He won the Community League Cup is 2020 (and doesn't let us forget it), as well as being the Fantasy Bundesliga Champ.


Totti is a highly decorated manager with an eye for a trade. The Hungarian legend is also a master of Fantasy EPL strategy. He knows how to win leagues and has many nicknames; The Wheeler Dealer. The King of Trades. The Hungarian Hazard. The Harry Redknapp of Fantasy EPL. 


Ryan Barnes

Ryan joined The Kickaround Podcast team back in 2020, becoming a regular member of the panel and receiving rave reviews along the way. The Nando's enthusiast is now a regular writer here at The Draft Society, and you can listen to his witty banter over on the Key Pass Collective. Ryan has been Ghost Point Hunting since 2015, is a huge Arsenal fan and Nicolas Pepe apologist, and has an undying love for Aaron Cresswell and Anwar El Ghazi.

Form is temporary, cheek is permanent.



One of only two members of the original Draft Society team with no previous association to Fantrax HQ... it's fair to say that Drafterthoughts was the number one transfer target when discussions for this website began!

Won back-to-back league titles in the first two seasons of the Community League, and is a passionate advocate for scoring systems that reward all types of players, not just attacking ones.



DraftLad joined the Draft Society team in August 2021, just in time for the new season! After making a name for himself on Twitter for Points Projections and transfer news, we were delighted to be able to bring in another super talented member of the #DraftPL Community!

DraftLad is the brains behind the Toolkit and Weekly Player Projections, as well as plenty more content and analysis which will help you win your Fantasy EPL league!


Robbie P

Robbialso joined after the first full season of TDS and has been the master of tables and charts for the Draft Society. Robbie's a stats guru, but far be it from us to imply that he's a nerd! In fact, Robbie has enjoyed a pint in person with more members of the Draft Community than anyone else in TDS. 

A stand-up guy in all walks of life, on these pages, we focus on his draft fantasy acumen. Robbie brings a ridiculous amount of charm and know-how to the team and we're lucky to have him. 


Bantah Boyz

Sanjy joined the team in 2023 with a wealth of podcasting experience having started and run his own pod Bantah Boyz for years. He combines fantasy knowledge with sharp-witted banter in a unique blend which brings a fresh voice to the Draft Society content team.

Sanjy pitches in with all Draft Society goings-on including writing articles, consensus rankings, and Key Pass Collective appearances while still pumping out the playful vibes over on The Bantah Boyz pod.

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