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Welcome to our 2023-24 Fantrax Data page. This page houses ALL the data we have collected and used during the 2023-24 season.

We have all the data you have seen in our Ghost Point Tracker and Useful Draft Metrics tables all season.
A lot of our data is based on PPS (Points Per Start) and PP90 (Points Per 90 Minutes) data, which are much more useful than the FP/G numbers provided by Fantrax.

We also look into 'ghost point' data, which ignores goals, assists, and clean sheets. The gPPS (Ghost Points Per Start) and GACS% (Goals, Assist, Clean Sheet Percentage) categories will help you unearth players that aren't reliant on attacking returns or clean sheets.

We have incorporated official ADP data from Fantrax and ADP data we have collected from the Community League, International Genie League and Discord Super League.

The glossary at the bottom of the page includes full descriptions of each of the table columns. All stats are based on Fantrax Default Scoring.


Desktop Users: Use the Filter, Group and Sort buttons to interact with the data however you like. You can also click the down arrow on any column header for sorting options. Field descriptions can be viewed by hovering over the (i) icon next to a column heading. Reload this page if you would like to reset the table to its default state. Click the "View larger version" text at the bottom of the table to open full-screen in a new window. You can also scroll right to see more columns.

Mobile Users: Click on a player name to expand and see the full data set for the 23/24season. To sort and filter the table by individual stats/teams/positions, etc., please visit this page on desktop.

FANTRAX EPL: 2023-24 Data

Last Updated: 16th July 2024

  • Mean PPS: Mean (or average) Points per Start. Games when a player appeared as a substitute are ignored, as are games where a player started but played less than 45 minutes.

  • Median PPS: See above, but the median

  • PPS - FP/G: A way to see which players are undervalued by Fantrax's simplistic FP/G metric. If a player comes off the bench a lot, their FP/G will be much lower than their PPS.

  • PP90: Points per 90 minutes.

  • xPP90: The same as PP90, but Goals are replaced with xG, Assists are replaced with xA, and Goals Allowed are replaced with xGA. Red Cards and Own Goals are considered nonrecurring and therefore are removed. xG, xA and xGA data taken from Click here if you want to read how xG works.

  • gPPS/gPP90: Ghost Points per Start/90. This removes the less frequent metrics, so you’re left with just key passes; shots on target; interceptions; tackles won; aerials won; clearances; successful dribbles; dispossessions; and accurate crosses – no corners.

  • GACS%: The percentage of points a player gets from Goals, Assists and Clean Sheets. Unless your name is Erling Haaland, a GACS reliance above 60% is likely to be unsustainable.

  • StDev: Standard Deviation. Essentially a measure of a player’s consistency. The higher the standard deviation, the further a player’s scores fall from the mean. If Player A has scores of [0, 24, 15, 1, 2, 18] and Player B has scores of [10, 9, 12, 8, 10, 11], they will both have an average of 10, but the inconsistent Player A’s standard deviation is 10.3, whereas the consistent Player B’s standard deviation is 1.4.

  • Ceiling: a player’s PPS plus their StDev. The upper limit of what a player is likely to score.

  • Floor: a player’s PPS minus their StDev. The lower limit of what a player is likely to score.

  • Δ: signifies the difference between two categories. So xPP90Δ is the difference between PP90 and xPP90.

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