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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 26 Waiver Wire

Every Fantrax manager knows that Waiver Wire acquisitions can make or break your Fantasy EPL season.  This Gameweek 26 Waiver Wire article is here to help managers pick up the best Draft Premier League players possible ahead of the next Fantrax waiver processing!

Essential reading before the waiver requests process!

Gameweek 26 Waiver Wire

Here we outline Fantasy EPL Waiver Wire Targets that have 40% rostered or below on Fantrax.  These are the low rostered players who could perform very well over the upcoming period!

The following teams have double gameweeks in GW26:

Arsenal: BRF, WOL

Burnley: bha, TOT

Crystal Palace: CHE, wat

Leeds: MUN, liv

Liverpool: NOR, LEE

Tottenham: mci, bur

Watford: avl, CRY

Wolves: LEI, ars

Cristian Romero

Position: Defender

Team: Spurs

Rostered: 40%

Next Fixture: MCI (A) , BUR (A)

Prospects: Generally speaking, I think this double gameweek is going to be a right old trap for most of the Spurs defence, but Romero might be an exception. He has been ghosting pretty well lately with 11.25 and 9.5 in his last two games, which should offset the few goals they are about to ship against City. And Romero could be in for a big score against Burnley. He is also worth a hold for the rest of the season, so I would try my hardest to get him in on waivers.

Verdict: I would use a mid-range waiver claim or 8-10% of my FAB on Romero.

Rodrigo Bentancur

Position: Midfielder

Team: Spurs

Rostered: 31%

Next Fixture: MCI (A) , BUR (A)

Prospects: A double is when you will reluctantly pick up all the defensive mids and this recommendation is no different. The Uruguayan new boy has quickly slotted in the starting XI and was one of the very very few players who was praised by Conte recently, so I am pretty confident that he is getting a decent run in the side. He scored 10 ghost points in the 2-0 loss to Wolves, so a double-digit double gameweek is definitely on the cards.

Verdict: I would use a low-end waiver claim or 0-3% of my FAB on Bentancur.

Moussa Sissoko

Position: Midfielder

Team: Watford

Rostered: 20%

Next Fixture: AVL (A), CRY (H)

Prospects: Sissoko has been a mainstay in the Watford lineup through all the managerial changes and that is exactly the kind of player you want to shore up your DGW squad. Someone who will start and play most of the 2 games while giving you a chance to hit the magic double-digit fantasy score return. He will not break 20 without a return, but he will most likely get you 10-13. He may just be the guy you need.

Verdict: I would use a low-end waiver claim or 0-3% of my FAB on Sissoko.

Anthony Gordon

Position: Forward

Team: Everton

Rostered: 34%

Next Fixtures: LEE (H)

Prospects: We recommended him for Waivers last week, he won the Drafty for January in the Super Streamer category, he is officially in the Hot section in this week's Hot/Cold article, he alone commands an Everton themed cover photo, and he is still under 40% rostered??? Wake up people! This guy is legit and an absolute baller. Lampard loves to develop young talent and Gordon's work rate and eye for goal seem to fit the mould of a Lampard prodigy perfectly. He is about to have a barnstormer of a Spring. Get him in quickly!

Verdict: I would use a high-end waiver claim or 25-30% of my FAB on Gordon.

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