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Fantrax EPL: Stream Your Way Through Gameweek 9

Updated: May 20, 2022

Stream your way all the way through a gameweek is one of the best and most important features of Draft Premier League. Keeping an extra spot open to be able to pick up a player who has a chance to score big could make or break your matchup. Every week we will go through the slate of matches and highlight players who are most likely available as free agent pickups but also have the chance to score extremely well if given the chance in the starting XI.

Struggling to find an open spot on your roster to make the most of all this advice? Try executing an unbalanced trade where you give away more players than you receive.

Stream Your Way Through Gameweek 9

A fan favourite segment on the Key Pass Collective is taking on a new form for the 2021/22 season. Tottiandor will highlight players likely available during the upcoming gameweek (under 45% ownership), with extremely high upside, who should definitely be started in DraftPL if given the nod by their respective managers. Accompanying our player selections, we have included projected fantasy points (abbreviated as PP) courtesy of our Inner Circle exclusive Weekly Projections.

Friday 20:00 BST


Anwar El Ghazi

Position: Midfielder

Team: Aston Villa

Rostered: 38%

Finally, the GOAT makes an appearance in the Streamers article. We would have loved to feature him in Perfect XI or any other articles of ours that features regularly starting players, but alas, "El Messi" has lost his spot in the new look Villa side and there is no indication that he is anywhere close to getting it back. That said, this article is about high upside streamers, and he is the poster child for that. As always, if he does not start, he is an easy drop.

Honourable Mentions: Lacazette (PP: 9.5), Martinelli (PP: 9.9),

Saturday 12:30 BST


Ross Barkley

Position: Midfielder

Team: Chelsea

Rostered: 3%

Logic and expectations are firmly in the rearview mirror as we move onto the Saturday slate with TDS favourite Rosstopher Barkley. Poor old Ross is becoming the new Drinkwater at Chelsea right before our eyes. That said, the injury crises at Cobham might make Tuchel reach for the red telephone and dial the only man who can save them. Barkley's propensity to shoot from anywhere from the opposition half and wonder into surprisingly attacking positions will surely get you a bucket load of points if he in fact graces the field with his presence.

Honourable Mentions: CHO (PP: 12.3), Sarr (PP: 10.8)

Saturday 15:00 BST


Daniel Podence

Position: Midfielder

Team: Wolves

Rostered: 31%

Leeds are playing poorly this season and especially defensively, they currently look as if they are going to concede against anyone. They are ranked 17th in xG and xGA as well, which signals true relegation form. Wolves will be absolutely buzzing after the comeback win against Villa and this is a matchup where I would play any and all Wolves attackers. Podence may be given a start after being heavily involved in the aforementioned comeback against Villa, and he took over corners when he came on.

Maxwel Cornet

Position: Forward

Team: Burnley

Rostered: 31%

A personal favourite of mine, Cornet is criminally under-rostered, which will not be the case after this GW, I guarantee you that. He is one of the few streamers who could provide long term value. Pick him up and reap the rewards.

Honourable Mentions: Broja (PP: 12.4), Collins (PP: 12.2), Salisu (PP: 11.1), Schlupp (PP: 11.3),

Saturday 17:30 BST


Oleksandr Zinchenko

Position: Defender

Team: Man City

Rostered: 30%

Second week in a row, the Ukrainian left-back (right-back?, inverted wing-back? defensive fantasista?) makes it into the Streamers article. Although Brighton are no pushovers, I expect City to create a fairly high number of chances and Oleksandr could be involved in a lot of them.

Honourable Mentions: Fernandinho (PP: 10.2), March (PP: 8.2)

Sunday 14:00 BST


Cristian Romero

Position: Defender

Team: Spurs

Rostered: 37%

Safe to say the Argentinian centre back has not fulfilled his potential at Spurs so far this season. Regularly missing due to COVID rules complications after return from the International Break, he has not been able to string together a couple of decent matches to warrant rostering in 10 (or less) team leagues. Facing Antonio, Romero will have his work cut out for him and this could be the litmus test on which we are going to base his future value and ability to get consistent ghosts. I would give him the benefit of the doubt in this fixture and if he get sub 6 ghost points, drop him for all eternity.

Honourable Mentions: Ghoddos (PP: 9.4), Perez (PP: 9.3), Jensen (PP: 8.3)

Sunday 16:30 BST


I would advise against leaving it until the last game to stream a starting spot because pickings will be slim.

Curtis Jones

Position: Midfielder

Team: Liverpool

Rostered: 40%

With such a high profile game to finish off the gameweek, it is likely that below-45% players for this game will most likely feature if you are involved in the Jota/Firmino merry-go-round or there is a surprise benching. Out of the available players, I wanted to highlight Jones as someone who could snatch your matchup win from the palm of your opponent's hands. Always ready with a rocket in the last 10', start him confidently if you are hit by a benching.

Honourable Mentions: Milner (PP: 9.2), McTominay (PP: 7.7)

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