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Tackling the Holiday Schedule with The Draft Society

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Here at The Draft Society we are very excited about Holiday Season. We have shared our respective grandmothers' eggnog recipes, decided on the spending limit for the office Secret Santa, compared Christmas Tree decorating methods and customs, and settled into a cozy couch relaxing and mentally preparing for the calm and gentle time that is the holidays. NOOOTT!! We are pumped to bring you the best, most complete and the most mind-numbingly exciting holiday football schedule there is in all the land!!

The Fixture Schedule

Here is the schedule in all its brutal glory. Read, enjoy, and start planning!

Articles by The Draft Society

Due to the sheer number of games and short turnarounds between gameweeks, we adjusted our writing schedules as well, but we are happy to tell you that we will be bringing you FULL gameweek prep for every single gameweek from 13 through to 21. Here is how we have amended the schedules to be able to bring you the most complete draft prep in all the land:

  • Waivers articles will be published at least 3 hours before the first normal waiver of the period on our site and Fantrax HQ, featuring no less than 7 waiver targets for the upcoming GW. Example here.

  • Useful Draft Metrics, Set Piece Takers, Ghost Point Tracker, and the Fixture Difficulty Tracker will be updated before the start of the gameweek. Access here.

  • New and improved Start/Sit on Fantrax HQ and Perfect XI will be published for every single gameweek. Examples here and here.

  • Stream your way through the gameweek will be integrated into the Sleepers XI and the combined article will be published before every gameweek. Example here.

  • Fantasy EPL Points Projections will be generated for every gameweek for Inner Circle members (see below to become one). Projections here.

  • "Weekly" ROS Ranks will be updated every Monday/Tuesday through until 20th December, and then once again as usual from 4th January onwards. Rankings here.

  • Trade Advice and Hot/Cold will be published twice during this period. Examples here and here.

  • Ghost Point Hunters, Midweek Cup Review and Community Submissions will also appear periodically. Some examples here, here, and here.

  • November Draftie Awards will be announced after GW14

  • Plus Special surprise articles (whenever we can fit them in!)

Our Twitter Account will also host an Advent Calendar, follow along for prizes and fun!

Commissioner's Corner - Waiver Setup

A congested schedule always comes with a few issues for commissioners. Time to dust off that programmer's degree. The following suggestions are based on the assumption that the league's waiver settings are set to the usual Tuesday-Thursday schedule.

  • The first time you have to change your waiver settings is on the 1st of December. You need to change the second waiver day from Thursday to Friday

  • Waivers will run on the 3rd December Friday

  • You can leave the Tuesday-Friday for the following week

    • But there is a Friday kickoff in Gameweek 16, so you might want to change the second day back to Thursday (best day to do this is on the 6th December, Monday)

  • The next week brings a Tuesday-Friday schedule again, so if you have changed it the previous week, you need to change it back

  • Tuesday-Friday will be able to take you all the way to 3rd January, when you can change the schedule back to the original Tuesday-Thursday

  • The Tuesday-Friday schedule means that you will be able to run at least 1 waiver between gameweeks

  • If you prefer, you can add a second waiver run between most gameweeks (it is very difficult to do 2 waivers between GW19 and GW20)

December ROS Inner Circle Promotion

From November 26th through until 31st December, we are offering you the chance to become an Inner Circle member for 6 months for a low-low price of $20. This will cover you for the rest of the DraftPL season! Access our Plans and Pricing page to sign up!!

Why become an Inner Circle member? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Weekly Player Projections

  • Set Piece Takers

  • ROS Ranks updated Weekly

  • Extra articles including the Ghost Point Tracker and Midweek Cup Review

  • Fixture Difficulty Tracker

  • Draft PL Resource Database

  • Exclusive Discord Channel

  • Inner Circle only Podcasts

  • Personalised Trade Advice

  • Inner Circle merch giveaways

  • and so much more!!

For all the latest from The Draft Society, follow @Draft_Society on Twitter!

And for more in-depth and exclusive resources, become a member of The Inner Circle.



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