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The Fantrax Scoring System

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Fantrax is the preferred Fantasy EPL platform here at Draft Society HQ. The platform offers unrivaled customization options, an amazing number of features, and a hugely intricate scoring system to obsess over. Perfect. And that's exactly what this article is for; to outline the ins and outs of the Fantrax Default Scoring System! And who better to explain the sophisticated scoring system than our Draft Society writers. After all, most of them did previously work for Fantrax!

The scoring system used by Fantrax is heavily based on the Togga Scoring System many in the Draft Premier League Community will know and love.

Read below for all the details on how the Fantrax Scoring System works, and why its our preferred scoring system and platform to play Fantasy EPL.

Fantrax Default Scoring System

The premise of the sophisticated and intelligent Fantrax Scoring System is simple: footballers are rewarded for statistically good performances. A whole host of statistics are taken directly from Opta’s data feed to produce a multi-layered system which rewards positive contributions to the game. Fantasy EPL players can pick up points for anything from key passes and accurate crosses, through to winning tackles and aerial duels. And of course, goals, assists and clean sheets also score points!

The Fantrax Default Scoring System is heavily based on the Togga Scoring System widely known by the Draft Premier League Community. Minor tweaks were made to the scoring system in August 2020, which included slight amendments to certain scoring categories, as well as adding in the Penalty Kick Missed scoring category that was missing from the Togga Scoring System. A further set of amendments were made in June 2021, adding Penalty Kick Drawn and Blocked Shots scoring categories, as well as High Claims and Smothers for goalkeepers.

The below table outlines the Fantrax Default Scoring System in full:

The Scoring Categories Explained

So, now lets quickly talk you through the different scoring categories, with a very basic interpretation of what they actually mean!

Goals and Assists: We all know what these mean, so we won't dwell on these too much.

Key Passes: Any pass which leads to a shot on goal. Doesn't have to result in a shot on target. If a key pass results directly in a goal, you get the points for the key pass as well as the assist. Think De Bruyne, Fernandes, Grealish.

Shots on Target: A shot at goal which of course hits the target. The woodwork doesn't count. And if you score a goal, you also get the points for a shot on target.

Penalty Kick Drawn: Points awarded for being fouled in the penalty box and a penalty kick is awarded. These points are in addition to assist points. If the player fouled is the one who takes the penalty he gets these additional points.

Accurate Crosses (No Corners): A cross from outside the penalty box which reaches a team mate. Corners don't count.

Successful Dribbles: A dribble where the player beats his opponent. Also known as contests succeeded. Think Adama Traore.

Tackles Won: Winning a tackle which results in winning possession or putting the ball out of play.

Interceptions: When a player successfully intercepts a pass.

Blocked Shots: A goal attempt heading roughly on target which is blocked by a player. Doesn't happen as often as you would expect; on average once per game for CBs from teams who face a lot of shots!

Aerials Won: Winning an aerial duel when another player goes for the ball. Either both jumping or one jumping and the other contesting the header by making it difficult to win. An aerial duel can be won by a goalkeeper if they go for the same ball as an opposition and punch the ball clear. Think Tomas Soucek.

Effective Clearance: A successful defensive clearance. Where a player under pressure kicks the ball clear of the defensive area or out of play.

Dispossessed: Being dispossessed when in possession. Think Wilfried Zaha.

Penalty Kick Missed: When a player misses a penalty. Due to a player receiving 2 points for a shot on target, this means that the player will only receive a -2 for missing a penalty if the goalkeeper saves it. The player would receive the full -4 points if they hit the woodwork or miss the target completely.

Own Goals: When a players scores an own goal.

Yellow Cards: When a player receives a yellow card. Red Cards: When a player receives a red card.

Clean Sheets: When the team a player plays for doesn't concede a goal. A player has to be on the field for 60 minutes (not including added time) to qualify for clean sheet points.

Goals Conceded: When the team a defender or goalkeeper plays for concedes a goal.

Saves: When a goalkeeper saves an attempt on goal. Penalty Saved: When a goalkeeper saves a penalty.

Smothers: A goalkeeper who comes out and claims the ball at the feet of a forward gets a smother.

High Claims Succeeded: A high ball played into the penalty area that is caught by the goalkeeper.

Which Scoring Categories Score Best?

So, you may be wondering which of the huge number of scoring categories in the Fantrax Default Scoring System score the most points. In other words, how are the points distributed. You would probably guess that goals and assists carry the highest distribution of points due to the direct impact they have on the result of a football game. Wrong. Due to the Fantrax Scoring System rewarding statistically good performances, actions such as key passes or aerial wins score extremely well.

The below table produced by our very own Drafterthoughts, outlines the data described above. If you're new to the Fantrax Scoring System, being aware of the scoring distributions is imperative. You can't simply chase goals, assists or clean sheets in this format!

Full Fantrax Default Scoring System Settings

Please find below images of the Fantrax Default Scoring System from within the Fantrax portal. These are the exact scoring categories used and the points assigned:

Clean Sheets and Goals Against

The Clean Sheets and Goals Against scoring categories can be very confusing within Fantrax. There are intricate differences between the various scoring categories that cover these aspects of play. We're here to try and clear these up for you! As you can see above, ‘Clean Sheets On Field’ and 'Goals Against Outfielders' are the correct settings to use. Read below for full details.

The ‘Clean Sheets On Field’ scoring category will ensure that players only receive their clean sheet points bonus if they did not concede a goal during their time on the field (if they played for 60 minutes or more). You need the ‘Clean Sheets On Field’ scoring category assigned as the amount of points you would like a defender to receive for a clean sheet, and then add positional overrides for midfielders and forwards. Manually assign the number of clean sheet points you would like midfielders and forwards to receive. The Fantrax Scoring system rewards defenders with 6 points, midfielders with 1 point, and forwards with 0 points for a clean sheet.

The ‘Goals Against Outfielders’ scoring category is assigned as 0 points, with an override for defenders set at -2 points. This ensures that a player assigned as a defender in your Fantrax lineup will receive the Goals Against points irrespective of which position they are officially fielded on the pitch. Similarly, if a midfielder in your Fantrax lineup plays in defence in real life, this scoring category means that they will not receive negative points for Goals Against, because you have played them in midfield. For example, if you play Doherty in defence but he actually plays in midfield for Tottenham, you will receive the minus points for Goals Against. If you play Ndidi in midfield but he actually plays in defence for Leicester, you won’t receive the minus points for Goals Against.

The Fantrax Default Scoring System outlined here will be the default scoring settings when you create a league, but of course you can customize the points scoring settings however you please. As with pretty much all of the settings within the Fantrax portal.

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May 27, 2021

For fun, we modified the points for when a goalie scored to 50. Finally paid of this season with Alisson!

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