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Although we all love the draft game, something that's missing when compared to the Official Premier League salary cap format is the ability to compare yourself to everyone who plays the game. Perfect XI goes some way to solving that issue, but that isn't draft. We wanted a way to rank the best players in the draft format, and this is it. 

We have taken data from the biggest and most competitive leagues, collated them, and produced a ranking based on Points Per Matchup (PPM). This is, quite simply, the number of league points a manager has accrued divided by the number of matchups they have played, across all leagues and divisions in our database. The maximum PPM score is 3, as that would be a 100% win record in every matchup.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The three eligible leagues are long-running, highly competitive, have multiple divisions, and are open to all. We want to encourage participation in the #DraftPL community, so come and join a league if you want to prove yourself against the best.​

  • The minimum number of league seasons played is 3. This is to reward longevity and consistency.

  • The number of entrants is set at 30. This will likely increase as the community grows.

Leagues: The Community League (since 2019/20), The International Genie League (since 2020/21), The Discord Super League (since 2020/21).


Last Updated: 6th June 2023

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