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Best Fantasy EPL Players: Manchester United

Our Fantasy EPL 21/22 Draft Kit promises to be the most comprehensive set of pre-season Draft Premier League articles ever produced! A key component of our Draft Kit will be the Team Preview articles which analyze key assets to sit alongside our all-important Draft Rankings. This article delves into the Best Fantrax Fantasy EPL Players from Manchester United!

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Manchester United Best Fantasy Players

As noted above, these are the Best Manchester UnitedPlayers for the Fantrax Fantasy EPL platform. We analyze the Red Devils' top three prospects ahead of the new season, with an estimated draft pick for each player.

Bruno Fernandes

Position: Forward

20/21 Points: 616.5 (1st overall)

20/21 Points Per Start: 17.2

Recommended Draft Pick: 1-2 overall

Overview: United's best player, and one of the most talented players in the EPL. His consistency since he signed has been incredible, and he will only improve as United sign more talent.

Bruno was the top Fantrax scorer in the 20/21 season, and could easily repeat that feat in this season. In my opinion he should go 1-1 in every draft due to his upside, and the fact everything at United goes through him. He is on every set piece except for some corners which he splits with Luke Shaw. With Cavani finally finding his feet near the end of the season last year, I would only expect Bruno's assist numbers to improve, especially if the likes of Greenwood, Rashford, and Martial all improve their output. Bruno's main counting stats come from shots and key passes, and this is something I am not worried about him keeping up. To add to this he was the top scoring midfielder with 18 goals, although 9 of them came from penalties. Next season I could see Bruno finishing with 15+ goals and 15+ fantasy assists giving him a good shot to be the #1 fantasy player for another season.

Marcus Rashford

Position: Forward

20/21 Points: 407.5 (12th overall)

20/21 Points Per Start: 12.1

Est. Draft Pick: 75-85 (12 Team League: Round 6-7)

Overview: Scored 11 goals and had 11 assists in the 21/22 EPL campaign in 33 starts. Rashford is one of the first names on the team sheet, and will very rarely miss a game for rotation reasons.

Disclaimer: Since the writing of this article it has been confirmed that Rashford opted to have surgery on his recurring injury and will be out for 3 months.

Marcus Rashford declined slightly this season with only 11 EPL goals compared to 17 the previous season. He battled through plenty of injuries, and faced an awful run of form. He still proved to be one of the elite fantasy assets of this season, and should only improve next season. The biggest risk with Rashford is one of his injuries being more serious. There are rumours he may opt for surgery after the Euros meaning he could miss the first few games of the new season. I would still consider Rashford a top 15 player, with the potential to be a top 5 forward. His upside alone makes him worth a first round pick especially near the later picks. Rashford will personally be looking to improve this season after accepting he had a bad season. The future is bright for this young United forward, and I personally am excited to see how he does this season.

Jadon Sancho

Position: Forward/Midfielder

20/21 Points: N/A

20/21 Points Per Start: N/A

Recommended Draft Pick: (12 Team League: Late Round 1/Early Round 2)

Overview: Managed 8 goals and 11 assists in the Bundesliga last season in 26 games. Sancho will probably start 28-35 games on the right wing for Manchester United.

Sancho could be the biggest EPL signing of this summer, and with that comes the "shiny new toy" draft day tax. Sancho will probably go late first round/early second round in most leagues and I feel that's about right. Obviously you may have a crazed United fan reaching for him at pick 1-1, but I do expect him to be a top 15 overall player this season. He is a dynamic player, who will add more pace and potentially returns to the United attack. I expect Sancho's arrival to help all United attackers, especially the starting striker for United, which as of now looks likely to be Cavani. Whether Sancho comes in as a midfielder or a forward, my opinion and ranking of him will not change. He will be a great player for United, but there is always a risk with new signings (see Werner, Pepe, Havertz). A high risk high reward player that someone with pick 12 should be aiming for.

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