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Community Submissions: Get Your Content Published!

Updated: May 12, 2021

Here at The Draft Society we're an inclusive bunch. We love the incredible community of Draft Premier League fantasy managers that is building week by week. And this is why we offer members of The Inner Circle the exclusive benefit of submitting their very own Fantasy EPL articles for publishing! You send it, we publish it!

This perk is open to all through until July 2021!

Click here for full details on how to join The Inner Circle so that you can publish your own articles too! There are also heaps of other exclusive benefits for members!

Get Your Content Published!

Do you have fantasy football information, opinions, or analysis to share with the community? Do you want to get your work published? Join The Inner Circle and we can give you the platform to do so!

Members of The Inner Circle can write and submit articles, which will be posted on The Draft Society site, just like the ones written by our team members. Plus, we'll post your article to Twitter from the official account. It's the perfect way to get sports writing experience, contribute to our incredible community of Draft Premier League fantasy managers, and get yourself published! As long as the content is relevant, of course.

Head over to our Submit an Article page in order start the process of getting your content published on The Draft Society website! This perk is currently open to all readers of our site.

Join The Inner Circle From July 2021

Having access to our site to publish your very own content is a perk afforded to members our Inner Circle. There is a vast number of other benefits to joining our exclusive club:

  • Extra Weekly Articles

  • Exclusive Statistical Breakdowns

  • Rankings Updated Weekly

  • Extra podcast episodes

  • Plus many more!!

Check out all of the other benefits available exclusively to members of The Inner Circle members here!

For all the latest from The Draft Society, follow @Draft_Society on Twitter!



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