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Community Submission: GW5 Preview for OFPL Scoring Draft

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GW5 Preview for OFPL Scoring Draft

This article is based on the OFPL Scoring System made famous by the Official Fantasy Premier League game. Bonus points and Kante Points (1 point for every two tackles or interceptions) are also included as per Draft Fantasy Football. Much of this insight will be applicable to OFPL Draft and Fantrax/Togga style too.

It only took 45 minutes for Ronaldo to take the league by the scruff of the neck, and if you own him, enjoy it. I’m sure everyone that doesn’t own him in their draft league is sick of reading and hearing about him, so that’s all I’ll say on the topic. The key to a successful draft season lies not in the Ronaldo's and Romelu's, but in the waiver picks and undervalued trades you can make throughout the season, so let’s get stuck in.

Fixture Swings

The following team have a good run of fixtures coming up and should be targeted for trades or free agent pick-ups.

Leeds United

Next Four Fixtures: Newcastle (A), West Ham (H), Watford (H), Southampton (A)

Leeds have been rather underwhelming so far this season, but when you look back their fixtures have been trickier than many may give them credit for. This changes now, and it really is the period they need to kick on and get some points on the board. With this in mind combined with their open, expansive style I think we can definitely look to target their assets over the coming gameweeks.

Easily the two most obvious and most popular Leeds picks are Raphinha and Bamford, if you can get these off their potentially frustrated owners it could be a steal, especially for a similarly or slightly lower ranked player. Aside from these two, you may find Dallas on the waivers, cast aside by many because of his new (accurate) midfield position. I would advise not overlooking Dallas, his attacking potential is still good from central midfield and if your league uses Kante Points his potential is even higher because of his defensive contributions. Ayling and Firpo are also decent picks as they offer good attacking threat, even if Leeds defensive output is unreliable. I also don’t mind Meslier because of his decent rate of picking up save points even when they concede.

Leicester City

Next Four Fixtures: Brighton (A), Burnley (H), Crystal Palace (A), Man United (H)

You might be noticing a pattern here, but underwhelming teams almost always coincide with a rather tricky fixture run and aside from Norwich, Leicester have faced some surprisingly tough opposition in West Ham and Wolves, and the relentless Man City. Looking ahead - Brighton, Burnley and Palace should be more lucrative opposition and they are definitely fixtures to target. Similar to Leeds, Leicester need to perform in these fixtures to really get their season going.

My favourite pick from Leicester is an interesting one. Despite not starting a match yet, Iheanacho transforms the team every time he comes off the bench. If I can spot this I’m certain Rogers can, and it’s only a matter of time before he reverts to the system that saw Iheanacho perform so well at the end of last season. If he’s free, now is the time to pick him up - if he has an owner that may be frustrated with him then you may get an absolute steal. Vestergaard looks the best option in defence, with good bonus potential and maybe even the odd attacking return. The rest of the defence seems rather up in the air, but if you have a good bench then I quite like the gamble on Castange or Thomas. I also absolutely love Tielemans, although he is sure to be picked. You may be able to tempt him off his owner for this run of fixtures with a similar or slightly lower ranked player.

One Week Pickups

Goalkeeper or defenders with a bad fixture? Attacker with a potential short-term injury? No worries, I’ve got a smattering of players that could serve as good one-week punts to fill a void.


Bachmann/Krul - Watford are extremely unambitious away from home and will look to keep it very tight. For this reason I think either keeper in this game is a good shout for one week, I would probably lean towards Krul for the home advantage.


Aarons - Norwich have a decent chance at a clean sheet this week, and Aarons is their most attacking defender.

Kilman - Probably the least likely of the Wolves defenders to be picked in your league already, but he looks like the spot is his to lose for the time being.

Cash - A half decent home match vs Everton for Villa this week, I think Cash is a good pickup if not overly exciting.


Rashica - By now you can see I like this fixture for Norwich, and my pick of the midfielders is probably Rashica. I think he offers a bit more goal threat than Cantwell but will still create chances for Pukki. It remains to be seen if the Kosovan will return to the starting lineup after a good team display in GW4, however.

Keita - With the horrible injury to Harvey Elliot this week, as well as the Champions League starting back up, I would expect Keita to start in midfield for Liverpool vs Palace this week, making him a good option.

Willock - The Friday night fixture for Newcastle vs Leeds looks like an absolute goal fest, and Willock has a real knack for scoring in transition. A great week to have him in your squad.


Welbeck - Dat guy Welbz returned from another injury last week and I think he could nail down a place in the team, if he starts he will get chances in this Brighton side.

Rodrigo - Another fixture pick, Newcastle are absolutely shocking at the back and Rodrigo may be a free agent, if so I’d snap him up for this week.

That concludes my picks to look out for in the free agent pool, as well as players to try to trade for. I hope you found this helpful, if so a follow over on Twitter would be much appreciated @SnakeDraftFPL

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