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Community Submission: Way Too Much In Common

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Thank you to Ben Garside (@BenChickens) for submitting the below Community Submission. This article has been subject to minor edits to the formatting, but the written content remains almost untouched.

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Community Submission: Way Too Much In Common

Dedicated to Kurt Cobain

We're here to feel safe and have a bit of fun along the way -- yes, I am talking to you and about fantasy football. I happen to think we're really lucky at this time to see the PL quality of football and to be able to buy in to those ludicrous dreams and high dramas via this interactive platform. We can argue/debate/share whether Grealish/Bruno/Kevin might score most season points, ride SOU + BRE defenders ,marvel at Alonso over Ben [Who]well. We have stat heads, gut managers, and stack believers. Its' great fun, I think.

We should not forget (and should cherish) the "safe" bit, the bit that comes before the fun. I am talking about respecting our similarities and differences, not belittling or deriding our fellow managers. It can feel crucial whether Dallas plays at FB or CAM, whether Dele is a "sexy name" or a "joke," or if Harry will ever hit a barn door again. But keep those emotions cool, have that ice bucket available. It's not clever to compromise someone else's "safe" by being unkind in the way you express your views and have your fun. Check your emotional wing mirrors for blind spots, and watch out for your competitors' emotional and mental health -- I think it'll increase your real fun.

This pastime we have is marvelous and compulsive (Grealish will be the highest stat scorer this season, by the way), but it ain't worth falling out about. There are huge opportunities IRL to do this, I am told. But let's keep this Community "safe" for all so all can have their fun. Common. That's what we are, no matter whether it's the way-too-much-in-common variety or the gorillas-in-the-street kind of common.


Keep cool.

Keep safe.

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