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FAB 3.0 - A FAB Monopoly Case Study

We have written a lot about Free Agent Budget (FAB) in previous years and this 3.0 article is the pièce de résistance of everything to do with the subject. In our first article, we introduced what FAB is and how you can use it to add some strategy to the weekly waiver process. In our 2.0 article, we dove deeper and gave you different strategies on how you could gain the upper hand by using FAB wisely. In a guest article by the brilliant Didier Guerin, in an article that could best be described as FAB 2.1, we looked at January Transfer Window FAB Wars. In this final article, we employ one of the strategies (the one with potentially the most upside) and look at how it fared in real time. Let us look at how two managers who had achieved FAB monopoly in their respective Community League divisions managed their great FAB spending power. Click here for details on how you can access our 22/23 Draft Kit.

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