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Fantasy EPL Sleepers: Crystal Palace

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Our Fantasy EPL 21/22 Draft Kit promises to be the most comprehensive set of pre-season Draft Premier League articles ever produced! A key component of our Draft Kit will be the Team Preview articles which analyze key assets to sit alongside our all-important Draft Rankings. This article highlights three potential Fantrax Fantasy EPL Sleepers from Crystal Palace!

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Crystal Palace Sleepers

As noted above, these are potential Fantrax Sleepers from Crystal Palace. These Fantasy EPL players are likely to be drafted in the later rounds. Read below for three under the radar players who could provide excellent value in your pre-season draft.

Michael Olise

Position: Midfielder

20/21 Points: N/A (~482 in the Championship)

20/21 Points Per Start: N/A (~13.3 PP90 in the Championship)

Recommended Draft Pick: 96-120 (12 Team League Round 8-10)

Overview: Left-footed and somewhat lanky, he has all the makings to be in the discussion for EPL Youth Player of the Season if all the cards fall right.

While we lament Eze's brutal Achilles injury, we can turn back the clock and put the smash hit song on repeat with Michael Olise. What I mean is that Olise is going to be asked to take up Eze's role as the young, creative sparkplug to drive this Crystal Palace team into relegation safety and potentially more, table standings-wise. He has a FIFA 21 5-star bag of tricks to work with.

In sharper leagues, this name is firmly planted in the middle of the draft ranking lists and he'll be taken well before any boring, replaceable defenders and holding midfielders because of the potential WAR he possesses. At the risk of overhyping the young'un, Olise had one more assist (7 total) than Buendia on Boxing Day. That's all I want to say.

Tyrick Mitchell

Position: Defender

20/21 Points: 90.5 (227th overall)

20/21 Points Per Start: 4.76

Recommended Draft Pick: 169 to 192 (12 Team League: Round 15-16)

Overview: With PvA released, Mitchell is the undisputed starter for 21/22

It's tough to read too much into last year's stats, and I'd much rather defer to what my eye test told me: Mitchell is an enterprising, defensively sound fullback. His energy and engine will keep him highly engaged, and I expect his volume of defensive ghost points to increase markedly this season. No, he's not Aaron Wan-Bissaka, but Mitchell works hard and engages wingers without hesitance.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles / Reiss Nelson

Position: Midfielder / Forward

20/21 Points: 103.5 / 3 ("Mr. Irrelevant" Overall)

20/21 Points Per Start: 15

Recommended Draft Pick: 169 to 192 (12 Team League: Round 15-16)

Overview: Rumoured Arsenal arrivals would be great punts in a transforming Palace team.

Hopefully the Chaps won't have my head for this one, but I'm using the third spot to recommend two deep sleepers because functionally the outcome is the same. Patrick Vieira, former Arsenal stalwart, will likely have a good connection to the Arsenal Board. As such, it benefits both clubs greatly to do business. Arsenal get minutes for their younger players under a coach they (you'd imagine) respect, while Crystal Palace bolster the reserves in what will certainly be an uncomfortable, challenging season.

Maitland-Niles and Reiss Nelson do not appear to be breaking the Arsenal first XI any time soon. If they are to live up to the hype and prospective nature they harbor, they'll need to show something more on the pitch. If either player is loaned or signed outright to Crystal Palace, expect them to quickly pass Townsend and Ayew for minutes in advanced positions. This is the sleeper article for a reason after all.

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