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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 10 Waiver Wire

Every Fantrax manager knows that Waiver Wire acquisitions can make or break your Fantasy EPL season. Our Gameweek 10 Waiver Wire article is here to help you pick up the best Draft Premier League players possible ahead of the next Fantrax waiver processing!

Essential reading before the Tuesday waiver requests process!

Gameweek 10 Waiver Wire

Here we outline Fantasy EPL Waiver Wire Targets that have 40% rostered or below on Fantrax. These players should perform well over the upcoming period!

Liam Cooper

Position: Defender

Team: Leeds

Rostered: 23%

Next 3 Fixtures: CRY (A), ARS (H),.LEI (A)

Prospects: We have shouted out Cooper multiple times before and it finally came to fruition this past weekend as he captained Leeds to a CS against Aston Villa. He was a bit more subdued than we would have liked, but nonetheless, his presence in the defence will do wonders. If he is still available, pick him up before someone else does

Verdict: I would use a low-end waiver claim or 3-5 FAB to get him

Sergio Gomez

Position: Midfielder

Team: Man City

Rostered: 4%

Next 3 Fixtures: SOU (H), LIV (A), BHA (H)

Prospects: Gomez came on for the injured Walker at the end of the first half against United and contributed with an assist in the 6-3 mauling. The last time Walker got injured, we were expecting him to come in but it did not happen and Stones played RB, but with Stones injured, he definitely has a better chance. Laporte and Dias did not start at the weekend, so with both of them coming in to the CB spots, there is a chance Ake moves to LB and Cancelo to the RB spot, but more likely and more ready-made is Gomez at LB until Walker is back. He is quick and agile and likes to attack a lot. He also takes corners, which makes him a must-start if he is in the lineup.

Verdict: I would use a low-end waiver claim or 1-3 FAB to get him

Cheick Oumar Doucoure

Position: Midfielder

Team: Crystal Palace

Rostered: 31%

Next 3 Fixtures: LEE (H). LEI (A), WOL

Prospects: It looks like most leagues still have not figured out how decent and how reliable for points Doucoure is this season. He has only had 2 sub-5 point games which is great for a DM who is likely your MID5. DM points aside, Palace's upcoming run looks very manageable and as he has already done so before, he has a chance to pop up with an attacking return. He is the kind of player you should pick up if you need warm bodies in midfield and count your blessings if he goes on a 10+ pointer.

Verdict: I would use a low-end waiver claim or 1-3 FAB to get him

Douglas Luiz

Position: Midfielder

Team: Aston Villa

Rostered: 12%

Next 3 Fixtures: NOt (A), CHE (H), FUL (A)

Prospects: Luiz has found himself back in the Villa starting XI when Kamara got injured and it looks like a lengthier one, so the Brazilian mid has his spot back for a decent amount of time. Once he got back, he also became part of probably the most complicated Set-Piece Picture in all the league. Luiz took some corners against Leeds which bodes well for his value in the long run. 14 ghost points through a combination of attacking and defensive peripherals will surely get him a mention on Ghost Point Hunters and should make you put him top of your waiver queue when you check that they are facing sorry Forest this weekend.

Verdict: I would use a low-end waiver claim or 1-3 FAB to get him

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