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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 15 Trade Advice

Trades can make or break your Fantasy EPL season. Fact. A successful Fantrax Draft Premier League manager needs to be active in the trade market, always sniffing out a deal to improve their roster. Be it trading in a player before they explode, or trading out a player who just isn't performing, our Gameweek 15 Trade Advice article has all of your needs covered!

Get out there and use the below advice for Fantrax trades this week. Trading is fun!

Gamweeek 15 Trade In Advice

Here we're going to be recommending Fantasy EPL players to trade into your side. These may be Premier League players who are performing consistently well and are likely to continue to do so. Or they could be players who are currently underperforming but are likely to improve their points haul in the near future. These are your "buy low" players.

Luis Diaz

Position: Forward

Team: Liverpool

Rostered: 97%

Prospects: Diaz is slated to return for the Boxing Day games, which is technically only 2 gameweeks away. The World Cup break is in just 2 gameweeks, then the long period will give him time to recover and be ready for the busy schedule. I don't expect him to start right away, but he is almost a guaranteed starter in this Liverpool squad, and oh how they have missed him. Diaz should start most games ROS once healthy and has top 7 fwd upside. He is a set and forget FWD1, and you can probably get him at FWD2/3 price right now. It is best to try and trade him in BEFORE the last gameweek before the World Cup. Really test the waters. In just 3-4 gameweeks, you could have Diaz as either your FWD2/3....a surefire ticket to a league title challenge.

Verdict: I would look to offer a package containing starting players with decent fixtures. A good opening offer could include: Calvert-Lewin + Dewsbury-Hall. I am happy to even upgrade the offer to include players such as: Mount, Tielemans, Sterling, or Almiron.

Marcus Rashford

Position: Forward

Team: Manchester United

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: United enter a great run of fixtures, and Rashford has every opportunity to offer 20+ point ceiling performances. He has found himself with great chances this season through United's creativity & his own pace and direct to goal style, but has been a poor finisher. Once he finally finds that clinical instinct we know he can become a strong FWD1. Getting Rashford won't be easy given his nice run of fixtures and near guaranteed spot in the XI for United. If you can get him for anything less than top 15 value, I would take that deal.

Verdict: I would look to make an initial offer of players such as Sterling, Nunez, Antony, and Zaha in a 1:1 deal to bring in Rashford. If you need to include a sweetener, add in 3-5 FAB and a DEF3/MID4 player such as Aribo, Emerson Royal, Chalobah, or Neves.

Gameweek 15 Trade Out Advice

Here we're going to be recommending Fantasy EPL players to trade out of your side. These may be Premier League players who are performing badly and are likely to continue to do so. Or they could be players who are currently overperforming and are likely to decline in value of the coming weeks. These are your "sell high" players.

Miguel Almiron

Position: Midfielder

Team: Newcastle United

Rostered: 83%

Prospects: Almiron, to put it lightly, has made Grealish eat his words. This is a man reborn, and one who is enjoying his football right now. He currently has 7 goals this season, and could easily finish with 12+ by the end of the season. Almiron was most likely taken after the 12th round in most leagues, and boy has he rewarded managers with10PPM and top 10 midfielder status. But Almiron is a bit goal dependent (only 5 ghosties a game) and if he hits a cold streak, his value will significantly dip. Newcastle also enter a mixed run of games between now and early 2023. Currently, Almiron is offering low end MID1 value, and he is probably most managers' MID4-5. I would look to trade him out in a bigger deal for a more reliable "top asset", maybe even for ones he is outscoring.

Verdict: I would look to use Almiron in deals to bring in Bruno, Maddison, Foden, or Saka. I highly doubt you can get any of these players 1:1 for Almiron despite his form, but can you combine him with a FWD2/MID2 and get the deal across? Try offering a package with players such as Gross, Odegaard, Sterling, Nunez, or JWP.

Kevin De Bruyne

Position: Midfielder

Team: Manchester City

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: Wouldn't be a trade article without some controversy, am I right? A top 2 player in the game, and set and forget even when on the bench, why on earth would you trade him out? Fulham and Brentford before the World Cup as well - easy 25+ games. Yes, but then he heads off to the World Cup to be run into the ground by Belgium, who have a real shot of making it to the final of this tournament. I'm not saying KDB won't finish top 5, heck, he may even finish as #1 overall. But I think now is your best chance to get 100-125% of his value, and I think spreading the value in other top assets to strengthen your overall "core" is a much better strategy to winning a title than hoping KDB will give you 20+ points in every game in 2023. We already know what will happen when City make the quarters and beyond of the UCL - rotation & more rotation. Sure, it's fine to play him from the bench but don't be expecting more than 7-10, and sometimes he may not even come on. If you can't get proper value, then certainly hold. But I think it is worth sending out a few feelers to see what you can get.

Verdict: What kind of offer should you accept for KDB? Well, it must include a Round 1 asset - that would be my bottom line. Start off with trying to get a deal with: Kane, Salah, Bruno, Saka, or Maddison. From there, look to get in 1-2 more assets to strengthen your team. Can you get in one of Tielemans, Eze, Andreas, or Van Dijk as the 2nd asset? And for the third player, look to bring in a high upside sweetener such as Adama, Aaronson, Eriksen, or Gray. Yes, I am saying look for a 3:1. Start with asking for a Round 1 asset, then look to see what positions you need to strengthen and see what amounts from there.

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