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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 2 Trade Advice

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Trades can make or break your Fantasy EPL season. Fact. A successful Fantrax Draft Premier League manager needs to be active in the trade market, always sniffing out a deal to improve their roster. Be it trading in a player before they explode, or trading out a player who just isn't performing, our Gameweek 2 Trade Advice article has all of your needs covered!

Get out there and use the below advice for Fantrax trades this week. Trading is fun!

Trade In Advice

Here we're going to be recommending Fantasy EPL players to trade into your side. These may be Premier League players who are performing consistently well and are likely to continue to do so. Or they could be players who are currently underperforming but are likely to improve their points haul in the near future. These are your "buy low" players.

Emi Buendia

Position: Midfielder

Team: Aston Villa

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: It is fair to say that his first game in Aston Villa colours did not go as planned. A tough loss to newly promoted Watford, coupled with a 0.5 point total for the man who was hyped by literally everyone in the off-season is not an ideal start for the Argentinian. Although I would advise patience to any manager who rosters him, for everyone else, it is time to test the waters. Buendia took the majority of Villa's set pieces, with Bailey taking some free-kicks after his introduction according to our Set Piece Tracker so he should still provide the value that made him a top 25 pick. Aston Villa may continue to feel growing pains as they learn how to incorporate their new signings most effectively, but with the abundance of offensive talent they now have, I think they'll figure it out and Buendia will flourish.

Verdict: A resurgent James Ward-Prowse or Michail Antonio might prove to be too tasty for the Buendia-rostering manager to pass up.

Harvey Barnes

Position: Midfielder

Team: Leicester

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: Barnes himself said that he was not 100% before his first game so an expectation for him to hit the ground running was probably misguided. To be fair, the predominant reason he was thrown in the deep end while not being fit was Brendan Rodgers' stubbornness for playing 4 at the back (instead of 3/5 which would have accommodated 2 FWDs in Iheanacho and Vardy giving Barnes a rest) when he has great centre backs available. Important to note however, that 2 of Leicester's first choice CBs (Fofana and Evans) are out so Rodgers had to play it safe, therefore Barnes started and got a lowly 3.5 point score. That said, watching the game, you could see that his score could have been around 20 were it not for inches on a few shots/passes. Once Barnes is up to speed he WILL BE THE BEST LEICESTER ASSET to have.

Verdict: An ADP of 39 does not tell the whole picture, as the dearth of midfielders resulted in him being picked slightly earlier in drafts happening in the last 7 days before the season started. Richarlison, Pascal Gross or Pulisic might be players who could come up in conversation in a 1-1 trade involving Barnes and I would happily do any of those.

Trade Out Advice

Here we're going to be recommending Fantasy EPL players to trade out of your side. These may be Premier League players who are performing badly and are likely to continue to do so. Or they could be players who are currently overperforming and are likely to decline in value of the coming weeks. These are your "sell high" players.

Marcos Alonso

Position: Defender

Team: Chelsea

Rostered: 34%

Prospects: It is a false dawn. Every year, Alonso has a couple of games where he absolutely lights up the Fantrax scoring tables and everyone starts talking about him and Chilwell becoming a handcuff. I am pretty confident they will not. Alonso is the best streaming pickup in the game, but he is just that. He started Chelsea's first game mostly because Chilwell did not have a long enough preseason coming back from the Euros. In 3 week's time, Chilwell will be the bonafide starter, and Alonso will be back on free agency, where he belongs. If you can convince the manager who drafted Chilwell to part with anything that would be considered DEF2-3 value, you should do that in a heartbeat.

Verdict: This is a difficult situation because Alonso almost exclusively only has trade value to the Chilwell manager, but the likes of Romero, Ayling or Keane could be great value for him.

Diogo Jota

Position: Forward

Team: Liverpool

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: He started the first game of the season and scored a goal in the process, what more does one want? Well, some ghost points would be nice... He only got 5 of them according to our tracker and unfortunately, based on his Wolves years, this is to be expected. That said, I still believe that that spot up front is Bobby Firmino's to lose and he will not do that, so if you can sell a manager on the notion that the mantle has been passed to the Portuguese forward, you could get some good value for him from someone wanting to get in on the Liverpool attack cheaply.

Verdict: The aforementioned Harvey Barnes or Bukayo Saka could be good targets to turn a FWD into a MID. If you want like for like, you could aim for a disappointing Riyad Mahrez.

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