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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 23 Waiver Wire

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Every Fantrax manager knows that Waiver Wire acquisitions can make or break your Fantasy EPL season.  This Gameweek 23 Waiver Wire article is here to help managers pick up the best Draft Premier League players possible ahead of the next Fantrax waiver processing!

Essential reading before the waiver requests process!

Gameweek 23 Waiver Wire

Here we outline Fantasy EPL Waiver Wire Targets that have 40% ownership or below on Fantrax.  These are the low ownership players who could perform very well over the upcoming period! Some of these names are immediate plug and play guys, while others may be longer-term plays. Also, be sure to check out our sister article on Fantrax HQ that shouts out 3 more waiver adds for this week!

Watford Defenders

Position: Defender

Team: Watford

Ownership: 1% - 11%

Next 5 Fixtures: NOR, @whu, BRI, @avl, @mu

Prospects: This is probably more of a one-week shout. However, Watford take on Norwich this Friday, and their defensive assets could ball out. It's likely that we'll see a similar back line starting for the Mooses this gameweek, but it's possible that Sierralta is brought back in. The likes of Ngakia, Kiko, and Cathcart are not players I'm at all interested in keeping after the NOR match. However, Samir and Kamara look to have stand-alone value based on their ghost points. Regardless, you'll pay very little to bring them in and won't mind terribly if you have to drop them after this week.

Verdict: $1-2 of FAB should secure you Samir/Kamara. Don't pay anything for the others.

Conor Coady

Position: Defender

Team: Wolves

Ownership: 32%

Next 5 Fixtures: @brf, ARS, @tot, LEI, @whu

Prospects: I know. Trust me, I know. It's almost unfathomable to see Coady recommended as a fantasy asset. I never thought I would have to admit that he was rosterable, myself. Yet here we are. And the numbers speak for themselves. He has averaged just about 9 fantasy points per match over the last 2 months and they face Brentford this week, who have struggled for goals as of late. However, don't get me wrong... you're hoping for a clean sheet here from Coady. If it doesn't happen, you'll be disappointed.

Verdict: Oh, don't spend actual FAB or a waiver priority on Conor Coady! What, are you crazy?

Jeffrey Schlupp

Position: Midfielder

Team: Crystal Palace

Ownership: 10%

Next 5 Fixtures: LIV, @nor, @brf, CHE, BUR

Prospects: Of the matches in which he's played 70+ minutes, Jeffrey "My Name is Jeff" Schlupp has failed to eclipse 10 points in Fantrax only once! Given the fact that several key starters for Crystal Palace are away at AFCON for another couple of weeks, Jeff should continue to see the field. This week, you may be able to find better options than him on the waiver wire. But, look at that upcoming fixture list!

Verdict: Schlupp should be on your radar for next week and the following. Desperate managers can bring him in this week if you need to. Provided he starts, he should still be good for a few ghost points.

Steven Bergwijn

Position: Forward

Team: Tottenham

Ownership: 11%

Next 5 Fixtures: @che, SOU, WOL, @mci, @lee

Prospects: Obviously, we had to include the man behind Spurs' historic comeback in this list. Here's the thing about Bergwijn: is there any guarantee that he'll get more time going forward? No. Not at all. It's hard to tell where Conte's head will be at after this victory. However, it's hard to imagine him not giving Bergwijn a start after the inept and apathetic first half from Spurs. This is a gamble, and should it pay off in the short term, will end once Son's back. So, if you have a free bench spot, it's worth a go.

Verdict: As mentioned, this is a short term punt. Don't mortgage the future of your team with a large FAB bid.


Ones to Watch

Joao Pedro: F/WAT - This was one good game. But he's getting more and more time on the pitch. If he starts this week, he's a streamer for sure.

Matt Doherty: D/TOT - Royal may have sung his last chorus as a starter for this team. Doherty looked far better, and by that I mean... looked like a professional footballer who has played the game before.

Pierre Lees-Melou: I'm not going to get in the habit of recommending NOR players, but they're taking on WAT who bleed points to midfielders. The narrative writes itself.

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