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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 24 Key Pass Collective

How many times have we heard Joe utter the words: "Your audio companion to The Draft Society" on the KPC? Well, consider this the digital companion to the Key Pass Collective podcast, where you will be able to check all the highlights of what and who we are talking about during the pod and have all the pod links in one place. Isn't it convenient?

Essential listening before GW24 in DraftPL.

Listen to Joe, Ryan and Totti talk about the upcoming double and blank gameweeks in detail.

You can Check Ben Crellin's spreadsheet for detailed info: Spreadsheet,

or you can check our Fixture Difficulty Tracker.

Some details from our conversations about DGWs:

  • Now is the time to plan line-ups for future gameweeks.

  • If you are not starting a player for the next 3, consider dropping.

  • Once you have the next 3 planned, look at free agents/WW to pick up and stash .

  • GW23 showed why you want nothing to do with city def.

  • GW25 ARS Trossard a consideration if he doesn't start first, Jesus if on bench, LIV forwards a minefield, but might be ok starting any benched on first, WOL/EVE stay away from non-starters.

  • GW25 ARS start everyone, LIV start every GW1 starter (consider the mids), WOL/EVE treat it as a SGW with more confidence in DMs, enjoy anything you get from the Double.

We then move on to a new segment called Temp Check, where we look at a few players of note that are difficult to rank right now.

Some of the players mentioned include: Martinelli, Ouatarra, H Traore, MGW, Trossard, Neto, Gakpo, Mudryk, Foden, Olise, Kulusevksi.

We also discuss some essential GW24 streamers right at the end! Enjoy:

If you would like to listen on other platforms, check out the link below. Let us know if you'd like us to continue this experiment!

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