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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 3 Trade Advice

Trades can make or break your Fantasy EPL season. Fact. A successful Fantrax Draft Premier League manager needs to be active in the trade market, always sniffing out a deal to improve their roster. Be it trading in a player before they explode, or trading out a player who just isn't performing, our Gameweek 3 Trade Advice article has all of your needs covered!

Get out there and use the below advice for Fantrax trades this week. Trading is fun!

Trade In Advice

Here we're going to be recommending Fantasy EPL players to trade into your side. These may be Premier League players who are performing consistently well and are likely to continue to do so. Or they could be players who are currently underperforming but are likely to improve their points haul in the near future. These are your "buy low" players.

Jadon Sancho

Position: Midfielder

Team: Manchester United

Rostered: 99%

Prospects: Sancho has yet to start a game for Manchester United, and fantasy managers could be getting frustrated. Even off the bench, Sancho hasn't scored particularly well, but I do expect him to be in the United XI in GW3. Most managers would have had to use a first round pick on Sancho, and I still believe he has the talent to be a top 7 player in Fantrax. As long as the manager with Sancho isn't a United fan, a deal could probably be completed. Martial has failed to impress in his minutes so far, and with Rashford and Cavani still out, Sancho should be one of the focal points of the attack.

Verdict: I would look to offer a MID2 such as Saint-Maximin, Barnes, or Maddison in a deal to get Sancho. You could try to package a MID2 with a lower end FWD such as Benteke or Armstrong.

Lucas Digne

Position: Defender

Team: Everton

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: Digne has failed to crack double digits so far this season. Everton haven't kept a clean sheet yet, but I expect that to change sooner rather than later. As Everton improve defensively, Digne should see some 20+ scores coming his way. Digne will be a top 5 defender, and now is the perfect time to send a low ball offer to bring him in. He takes his fair share of set pieces and is still whipping in crosses at Calvert-Lewin. He is easily a DEF1 that can single handedly win you a week.

Verdict: This will probably be the cheapest you can bring in Digne all season so act fast! Look to offer a high performing defender such as: Van Dijk, Duffy, or Reguilon in a package with a FWD3 such as Adams or Canos to get back Digne.

Trade Out Advice

Here we're going to be recommending Fantasy EPL players to trade out of your side. These may be Premier League players who are performing badly and are likely to continue to do so. Or they could be players who are currently overperforming and are likely to decline in value of the coming weeks. These are your "sell high" players.


Position: Forward

Team: Wolves

Rostered: 70%

Prospects: Trincao has looked great in the opening weeks, and has scored 13 points in each match without a return. I do expect Trincao to come back down to earth a bit, and now is the perfect time to sell high on the forward. Trincao was probably drafted after round 8 in most leagues, but now is the time to package him in deals for underperforming stars. Wolves have played with a lot of the ball in the first two games as teams have let them attack, but I expect that to change soon.

Verdict: Trincao can be used in a package to aim for players such as Barnes, Maddison, Gundogan, and Ward-Prowse.


Position: Midfielder

Team: Leeds

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: I am still firmly in the camp that Raphinha will not be a top 15 player this season. He was set for another sub 10 point performance before his wonder strike saved another disappointment. The midfielder was most likely a first round pick, and could still carry some of that value. I believe that he should be traded out before his value starts to decline. You could very easily package him to go in for a top midfielder or look to get a nice 2 for 1 to complete your team.

Verdict: Try to offer Raphinha out to get upgrades such as Sancho, Mount, and Grealish. You could also offer him out to get back 2 solid players in deals for the likes of Antonio, Jota, Maddison, Saint-Maximin, Calvert-Lewin, or Vardy.

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