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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 30 Moves to Make

With just nine gameweeks remaining now is the time to make moves that could impact the run-in, or your playoff title push. Whether or not you are in the title race finishing as high as you can in your league table or just trying to squeak into a playoff position should be your end goal.

Ben Chilwell jumping

Top Trade In Targets:

Nicolas Jackson and Conor Gallagher

Prospects: Jackson and Gallagher are two key cogs in Chelsea attack and will be crucial to this team doing anything decent in the run-in. Both these players are a lock in the XI, and with Chelsea having the most fixtures left on top of two double gameweeks, they are players you should try to get in. Cole Palmer would have been listed here, but he will be nearly impossible to trade in, no matter what you offer out. Jackson and Gallagher have both scored well in February, with the former scoring or assisting in his last three EPL games. While these two may not get you 20+ each week, they could easily get close to 30 on both DGWs. Chelsea's remaining fixtures are also quite friendly especially for attackers. We all know that Chelsea defence is too unreliable, but nobody would be surprised if we see them win games 4-2 or 3-1.

Verdict: Personally, I value Jackson higher than Gallagher due to his upside, and Nkunku seemingly set to be just a bench type player if he gets fit again. For Jackson I would offer another forward or a midfielder with similar upside or maybe a higher floor. Doughty is a good place to start given Luton have 2 less fixtures, as well as players such as: Rashford, Szoboszlai, and any Spurs forward outside of Son. Gallagher might be a smidge easier to get using players such as: McGinn, or Douglas Luiz packaged with a defender such as Estupian or Chilwell.

Declan Rice

Prospects: Rice has been nothing short of spectacular this season, and should be considered one of the signings of the season. On top of that he is having his best fantasy season yet, and he could still improve. Rice has scored 20+ in two of his last five games adding in two more scores of 16 and 17.5 in that time. Rice has been all over the pitch for Arsenal even adding some corners to his game. He has one of the best floors out there, and should be considered a MID3 with MID2 upside for the remainder of the season. Ahead of a game vs. City is your best chance to get Rice, especially if his manager believes he can't continue this run of form.

Verdict: I would offer a player with more perceived upside than Rice with a chunk of FAB to sweeten the deal. Players such as Doughty, Doucoure, and Sterling are all good places to start.

Virgil Van Dijk

Prospects: Van Dijk has been one of the most reliable assets of the season, and with Liverpool in a title race, he should have a strong finish to the season. On top of a lot of injured players returning such as Konate, Alisson, and Trent, Liverpool have some decent fixtures to finish the season, and an upcoming double gameweek. Van Dijk will be hard to pry away from his manager, but his floor, and threat from set pieces vs. lower teams gives him the potential to be the top scoring defender over the rest of the season

Verdict: I would offer any other defender 1:1 right now to get in VVD, and even throw up to 10 FAB to get it done. If you need to throw in a potential MID5 then I would do that as well.

Top Trade Out Targets:

Alfie Doughty

Prospects: Doughty had a torrid time in what was supposed to be his week to shine vs. Forest with 1 point and being hooked at half due to a minor injury. Doughty should be fine come Gameweek 30, but Luton have no double gameweeks left, and a pretty tough schedule to finish off the season. It pains me to put Doughty here as I roster him in every league, and have been one of his biggest fans since even before he had his early season breakout, but his time in the spotlight could be coming to an end. He hasn't been as explosive in the last few weeks despite a few double digit scores, but the biggest worry for me is the remaining fixtures. Spurs, Arsenal, and Manchester City are all on the agenda over the next 4 games with Bournemouth in there as well. With all those teams fighting for something at the top end of the table, we could see Luton struggle despite their good performances vs. the top 6. Most Luton assets should be considered trade outs, but Doughty was one to highlight here.

Verdict: Doughty is not an asset to undersell, or sell way below value just because of the fixtures, but if you can get back a players with more double gameweeks and friendlier fixtures I would make that move. Players such as Rice and Gallagher would be my top two targets, even if you need to throw in some FAB.

Ben Chilwell

Prospects: Given Chelsea's two double gameweeks, and friendly schedule this may be a surprising one, but I just don't think Chilwell will deliver all that he is hyped up to be this season. He is a great player on his day, but his day has rarely come, if at all this year. In just nine starts he has managed only two scores above 7....not great. With Colwill also returning from injury, as well as Chalobah back in the mix at the CB role there is some more potential rotation for Chilwell with himself, Colwill, and Cucurella all able to start at LB. With 11 games left I wouldn't be surprised to see Chilwell only start 7-8. You can probably sell him for way more than what he's worth given the fixtures and double gameweeks.

Verdict: I would look to offer Chilwell out in a deal for his counter part Gusto, or Dalot. I doubt you could get either of these players 1:1 for Chilwell, but look to add in some FAB. In terms of midfielders players such as Christie and Enzo are probably within reason if you add in some FAB or a sweetener.

Michael Olise

Prospects: The rumours of Olise's return have started, with him pencilled in to return to the squad just after the break. Despite Palace having a double gameweek, the return of Eze means a lot less reliance on Olise is needed. Palace really don't have much to play for this season so I wouldn't be surprised to see Olise treated with extra caution to ensure he doesn't suffer an injury to miss the start of next season.

Verdict: Olise could be good trade bait to bring in one of the Chelsea boys above (Jackson/Gallagher).

Adds/Drops to Make

Adds to Make:

  • Wolves Defenders: Wolves should double in gameweek 34 and have decent fixtures until then. Ait-Nouri and Dawson are the two to target here.

  • Potential Injured Returners: Players such as: Cunha, Olise, Jota, and Konate are all worth scooping up over the break.

  • Double Gameweek "Floor" Players: Onana and Caicedo could offer great value in gameweek 34 or 35 when they should double and until then offer good cover for assets as they are midfielders who could score 6+ in friendly fixtures.

  • Players with a Playoff Impact: This only implies if you are safe in your playoff position. Players with good fixtures from 36-38 and ones who double in 37 could be good holds. Players such as: Walker, Wan-Bissaka, and Casemiro seem available in many leagues and offer this kind of value.

Drops to Make:

  • Luton Defenders: Tough fixtures, and poor scoring, drop them all

  • Forest Defenders: Mediocre scoring, and they don't double over the rest of the season.

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