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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 7 Trade Advice

Trades can make or break your Fantasy EPL season. Fact. A successful Fantrax Draft Premier League manager needs to be active in the trade market, always sniffing out a deal to improve their roster. Be it trading in a player before they explode, or trading out a player who just isn't performing, our Gameweek 7 Trade Advice article has all of your needs covered!

Get out there and use the below advice for Fantrax trades this week. Trading is fun!

Gamweeek 7 Trade In Advice

Here we're going to be recommending Fantasy EPL players to trade into your side. These may be Premier League players who are performing consistently well and are likely to continue to do so. Or they could be players who are currently underperforming but are likely to improve their points haul in the near future. These are your "buy low" players.

Diogo Jota

Position: Forward

Team: Liverpool

Rostered: 97%

Prospects: Jota is officially back for Liverpool, and boy do they need him. Jota came off the bench and managed 5.5 points in just 9 minutes this past GW - his first cameo of the season due to injury. Surely he won't keep up that kind of ghost point production, but it shows that can add some much needed firepower to the sputtering Liverpool attack (Bournemouth win the exception). I do think Jota gets starts either as the striker or on the wing at the expense of Nunez or Diaz sooner rather than later. Both players have been very inconsistent this season, and there's no reason Klopp shouldn't drop either to give Jota a chance. When Jota starts he has FWD1 upside, but should probably be considered a FWD2 due to rotation risk.

Verdict: I would look to offer a package such as Neto + Gray for the upside of Jota - a FWD2/3 and a MID3/4 who both get consistent starts in exchange for a rotation risk. I am also more than happy to offer out any Chelsea attacker (Mount, Sterling Auba) for Jota 1:1 given their struggles and Liverpool's desperate need for Jota.

Jack Grealish

Position: Midfielder

Team: Manchester City

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: Another player who is returning from injury features here. Grealish started the recent UCL win for Manchester City, and Pep emphasized in his post-game interview how important of a player he will be over the rest of the season. Grealish was probably taken in the 2nd-3rd rounds in most of your leagues, so it might be tough to buy low on him given his return to the XI, but it is still worth a try. I expect Grealish to offer solid MID2 value anytime he starts. Of course, he also has MID1 upside being on the best attack in the league and surrounded by the most in-form players in the world right now in Haaland and De Bruyne. If you plan to bring in Grealish, I recommend, like with most Man City assets, always having late cover in case he doesn't start.

Verdict: Look to offer a potential deal of Eze + Fofana for Grealish. If you need to up the ante, you could offer something like: Tielemans/Gordon + Van Dijk. I would offer any of these players as well in 1:1 deals for Grealish and even add in a bit of FAB if needed: Mount, Sterling, Chilwell, Nunez, and Sancho.

Gameweek 7 Trade Out Advice

Here we're going to be recommending Fantasy EPL players to trade out of your side. These may be Premier League players who are performing badly and are likely to continue to do so. Or they could be players who are currently overperforming and are likely to decline in value of the coming weeks. These are your "sell high" players.

Eberechi Eze

Position: Midfielder

Team: Crystal Palace

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: This may come as a shock to some, but I think Eze a perfect sell high target, given his start to the season as well as his potential over the rest of the season. He has really only had 1 solid ghost point outing, which was 13.5 points vs. lowly Aston Villa in a 3-1 win. And Eze has only clocked 90 minutes once this season. With the Palace squad basically at full health, he could continue to see less than 80 minutes each week considering how long of a layoff he had last season. Another big factor here is the return of Olise. When Olise is on the pitch, he seems to command set plays, which will start to diminish Eze's key pass output. I do think Olise and Eze can start on the field together, but there will also be games where they sub in and out for one another. Eze should be considered a MID3 type player this season, but for some reason he is being valued as a MID1 to some people, which is why you need to capitalize and sell high. He has played some of the tougher team, and Palace does get a softer schedule after the United, and Chelsea games, but I would use that as a selling point more than a reason to hold.

Verdict: I would look to offer out Eze + a sweetener such as a DEF2/MID5 for one of these midfielders: Bowen, Bernardo Silva, Harrison.

If you want to aim a step higher, you can look to package Eze with players such as Gray, Andreas, or Perisic and aim for this level of player: Maddison, Ward-Prowse, and Foden, although to pull this off you will need to target a manager who truly believes in Eze.

Riyad Mahrez

Position: Forward

Team: Manchester City

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: Mahrez is always a tricky fantasy asset at Manchester City. All the talent in the world, but lacks the minutes, and sometimes the consistency to keep managers happy. This season, Mahrez has even been poor in his starts, which is rare for him. In his two lone starts, he has only managed 4 and 8 points, and his only time in the double digits is when he got an assist off the bench in the 6-0 win vs. Nottingham Forest. With Grealish back in the frame and Bernardo being used as both an 8 and a RW, it is safe to say Mahrez has his work cut out for him to earn consistent starts. Even if he does start, more often than not you can expect him to be one of the first player withdrawn from the game. Pep is liking the way the City attack is clicking without Mahrez, and there's really no reason to give him a run of games unless there's an injury. Mahrez has FWD1 upside when he starts but truly might be a FWD3 over the course of the season. Act accordingly.

Verdict: I would look to target a manager who rosters a City winger (Bernardo, Foden, or Grealish), and try to sell them on the need to roster Mahrez as good cover. It would be great if you could get a set and forget forward in exchange. Try packaging Mahrez with a MID4 such as Almiron, Gibbs-White, or McNeil and aim for the likes of: Rashford, Zaha, Neto, or Isak.

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