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Fantrax EPL: International Break/Gameweek 4 Trade Advice

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Trades can make or break your Fantasy EPL season. Fact. A successful Fantrax Draft Premier League manager needs to be active in the trade market, always sniffing out a deal to improve their roster. Be it trading in a player before they explode, or trading out a player who just isn't performing, our International Break/Gameweek 4 Trade Advice article has all of your needs covered!

Get out there and use the below advice for Fantrax trades this week. Trading is fun!

Trade In Advice

Here we're going to be recommending Fantasy EPL players to trade into your side. These may be Premier League players who are performing consistently well and are likely to continue to do so. Or they could be players who are currently underperforming but are likely to improve their points haul in the near future. These are your "buy low" players.

Ollie Watkins

Position: Forward

Team: Aston Villa

Rostered: 91% (reveal yourselves, 9%)

Prospects: Watkins is just coming back from an injury that has kept him out of proceedings. He made a brief cameo in the last game v Brentford, scoring 4.5 pts in 10 minutes. Ollie started nearly every game last season and, despite the arrival of Danny Ings, he should be nailed on. He was a top 5 FWD last season, dropping nearly a dozen points per start, which was why he went late 1st Round or early 2nd Round in nearly every draft. Despite Aston Villa's increasingly difficult schedule, Ollie will provide great value ROS in a Villa side that will only get better as he gels with new boys Buendia, Ings, and Bailey.

Verdict: Managers will be frustrated by the fact that their 1st or 2nd pick has missed the first 3 GWs. This could be the time to pounce. Test their patience with an offer of a MID2 & FWD3 - something like Gundogan + Che Adams plus a sweetener.

Nelson Semedo

Position: Defender

Team: Wolves

Rostered: 91% (please see above)

Prospects: The Portuguese fullback has not been tearing it up this season. He missed the beginning of the season due to a COVID-related issue and Wolves have thus far struggled to produce goals or clean sheets. But they will improve, and Semedo should play a big role. Wolves have a tasty run of fixtures in which to do so: Watford, Brentford, Southampton, & Newcastle. As Jimenez picks up form and newly signed forward Hwang Hee-Chan acclimates to the Premier League, Semedo's crosses will turn into attacking returns. Buy low.

Verdict: On paper, Semedo looks bad. You may not need much to get him in at this point. Try a DEF3 + MID5; maybe Liam Cooper & Rodri (City).

Trade Out Advice

Here we're going to be recommending Fantasy EPL players to trade out of your side. These may be Premier League players who are performing badly and are likely to continue to do so. Or they could be players who are currently overperforming and are likely to decline in value of the coming weeks.

Riyad Mahrez

Position: Forward

Team: Manchester City

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: Mahrez has scored and assisted off the bench in his last two appearances, failing to crack the XI since the season opener. A lot of managers may be thinking his time in the XI is near again, but with the incredible form of Jesus, Mahrez may have to be patient for a bit. Mahrez may have been a lot of managers' first or second round pick, but now may be the time to trade him out. He still has name value as it is only Gameweek 3 and many managers may be tempted with his recent form off the bench. I do think Mahrez enters into a heavy rotation especially with Foden nearing a return and Pep seemingly liking Torres as his #9.

Verdict: I would look to get a more steady FWD2 for Mahrez such as Vardy or Ings with a MID4/DEF2.

James Maddison

Position: Midfielder

Team: Leicester City

Rostered: 100%

Prospects: Maddison seems to be borderline droppable after the first few weeks. Aside from Vardy and Ricardo, Leicester's attack as a whole has been very poor. The biggest concern for Maddison is that he has seemingly lost all set piece duties and this will significantly reduce his ghost points. Maddison definitely shouldn't be considered a MID1 this season, and probably won't even offer MID2 value. Most weeks he will score similar to a MID3, and could finish the season below the likes of Gross, Bowen, Gundogan, and even Rice. I would be looking to retain even 75% of Maddison's draft day value.

Verdict: Look to bring in a MID3 with a small upgrade at either forward or defence. Getting back a combination involving Gundogan, Saka, Dele, Torres, or Azpilicueta could be the way to go.

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