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Genie's Corner: Gameweek 17

Welcome to Genie's Corner for Gameweek 17! Here, I, (DraftGenie), will be providing you with my thoughts on all things draft! Each segment of Genie's Corner will focus on something specific and relevant to current events in the Draft Fantasy EPL world. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I tend to take a bold and differential approach to the draft game, which has led to many fantasy titles. In these articles I will be giving you my unique insights, bold takes, sage advice, and much more throughout the season.

Genie's Corner Gameweek 17

Check out this weekly dive into the mind of our mercurial Fantrax EPL manager and analyst Draft Genie! Each week he provides his thoughts on strategies, players to watch, trades to push for, and much more!

Rest of Season Advice

This article will feature a few tidbits of advice to help you approach the rest of the season the Genie way.

It is a New Season

A lot has changed since the World Cup started - players have been injured, some hit a poor run of form, others are coming off the heartbreak of their career, and others well.....they no longer have a place in the EPL. In order to be successful in the rest of the season, you must treat the second half of the season like it is a new season. All previous early season form of teams and players completely goes out of the window. Think back to Project Restart, when some players came back from COVID breaks and hit the ground running and didn't stop (e.g., Martial & Antonio). Players like Almiron, who was on the run of his life, haven't really played at a high level in a while and could lose that purple patch or struggle to regain that great form. Be warned and be ready to completely change valuations of certain players, especially with new lineups, injuries, and maybe some less favoured players getting a run for those "burned out" from the World Cup. We could also see those who performed well in the Cup start pushing for a spot in their team's XI, specifically Moroccan magician Ziyech.

Luck may not go your way

Yes, luck is a big part of fantasy, and unfortunately I fully believe the first few weeks will be completely based on luck, with some players starting off faster than others. Don't fret if you get unlucky in the first few weeks - like your Arsenal stack not fully performing despite them being league leaders. Maybe Newcastle will take a few games to regain their form as well. It will be harder to predict streamers, as well, given that we don't know what to expect right now. Again, it is a new season, with just 16 weeks of standings to analyze.

Gameweek 17-19 Waiver Wire Keys

These next few weeks will be key on the waiver wire. I would look to prioritize those players that hit the ground running, or "big name" players that managers rage drop in the first few weeks. There will be a few marquee signings surely in January, but unless you are a top 2 leader in FAB in your league, I would focus on picking up those players who start the first few weeks with some good form. Don't panic drop those stars who don't start well, but have them on a short leash in case that form continues.

Final Title Winning Advice Tips

  • Don't overthink every decision - go with your gut and move on.

  • Don't be afraid to make the big trades, even if you lose your "superstar" for more overall value.

  • Focus on getting guaranteed wins on blank and double gameweeks (3-4 total wins will add up).

  • When GW33 comes around, anyone injured for more than 1-2 weeks is pretty much droppable (except top 10 players).

  • Every win matters - don't sacrifice a GW at this stage in the season.

  • Have fun! Don't stress if things don't go your way, roster players you can cheer for, and don't overstress about not winning your title in this weird season.

The Finale

Well, unfortunately, the time has come to call it a day. This will be my final fantasy article. While there is always a possibility I may return to fantasy writing/advice and podcast appearances in the future, for now, this is the end. It was not an easy decision to make, but one that was made to help me achieve some big goals over the next few years. And I will put my energy into that. You will still see me around in a few leagues, and of course the odd Genie style tweet here and there, praising Shaw, bashing McNeil, and being continuously heartbroken by United attackers. I want to thank everyone in the community for supporting my advice, work, and more over the last few years.

While my advice may be a little unorthodox and "out there" sometimes, I hope it has helped give you a different perspective on playing fantasy. This is a great community, and I truly will cherish the connections and opportunities made from being able to write and connect with so many of you through tweets and DMs, whether we were talking trades, my crazy United beliefs, or wild takes on players everyone loves. Advice chats have turned into genuine connections with some great human beings, and potential lifelong friendships. I am hoping that is something everyone from the community will cherish the most! Wishing everyone the absolute best of luck in their leagues this season, and hoping 16 weeks of Genie's Corner has helped get you closer to that title.

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