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Goalkeepers: Every Fantrax EPL manager's worst nightmare. It doesn't have to be that painful, though. Chap One is here to provide his Goalkeeper Rankings based on the ratio of saves made against goals conceded!

We try to tell Fantrax managers to ignore clean sheet potential when looking for a shot-stopper. Instead, the best goalkeeper to roster will have a good ratio between Saves Made (high) and Goals Against (low). You need to be looking for a keeper who isn't dependent on clean sheets - one who concedes few goals, but also makes a fair many saves. This should guarantee a steady stream of points from your goalkeeper, with a big haul if they do indeed keep a clean sheet.

These Goalkeeper Rankings are open to interpretation. This is a very important note. Use these ranks as an indicative ranking for how well each goalkeeper usually fares in making saves and conceding goals! You obviously need to take into consideration the specific gameweek fixture when using these Goalkeeper Rankings to influence your streaming decisions.

These Goalkeeper Rankings are based on Fantrax Default Scoring.


Last Updated: 10th May 2023

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