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Best Fantasy EPL Players: Leeds United

Our Fantasy EPL 21/22 Draft Kit promises to be the most comprehensive set of pre-season Draft Premier League articles ever produced! A key component of our Draft Kit will be the Team Preview articles which analyze key assets to sit alongside our all-important Draft Rankings. This article delves into the Best Fantrax Fantasy EPL Players from Leeds United!

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Leeds United Best Fantasy Players

As noted above, these are the Best Leeds United Players for the Fantrax Fantasy EPL platform. We analyze the Whites' top three prospects ahead of the new season, with an estimated draft pick for each player.


Position: Midfielder

20/21 Points: 390.5 (18th overall)

20/21 Points Per Start: 15.0

Recommended Draft Pick: 8-10 (12 Team League: Mid/Late Round 1)

Overview: Amazing first season in the EPL, genuine Round 1 pick, very well suited to the Fantrax Scoring System, very high points per start.

I love Raphinha. Anyone who follows us over on Twitter will know that. I pushed many Fantrax managers to sign the Brazilian after his arrival at Leeds at the end of the summer transfer window, and anyone who did sign him would have been rewarded with an elite level asset for next to nothing! Raphinha took a while to get started at Leeds, but once he made the starting eleven there was no stopping him! He was the 18th highest scoring player despite only starting 26 games: 16 attacking returns (6 goals, 10 assists), 10th best for Key Passes, 17th for Successful Dribbles, 21st for Accurate Crosses, and 29th for Shots on Target. Raphinha averaged 14.5 Points Per Start, and 10.9 Ghost Points Per 90. As you can see from the stats, this guy is VERY well suited to the sophisticated Fantrax Scoring System.

Ahead of the 21/22 campaign I expect much of the same from Raphinha. He's a very talented footballer, and I wouldn't expect his performances, or Leeds', to drop. Raphinha is a Top 10 draft pick, no doubt about it. He's also recently been reclassified as a midfielder, which gives him slightly more value as elite midfielders are harder to find than elite forwards.

Jack Harrison

Position: Midfielder

20/21 Points: 391.5 (17th overall)

20/21 Points Per Start: 11.5

Recommended Draft Pick: 22- 26 (12 Team League: Late Round 2 / Early Round 3)

Overview: 17th highest scorer last season, proven asset in Fantrax, more of the same expected this year.

Jack Harrison actually outscored Raphinha last year, as he was the 17th highest overall scorer, but he did start 8 more games than his Brazilian team mate. Harrison was one of the steals of the season last season, as he was drafted around Round 8 or 9 in most 12 team leagues. The Manchester City loanee went on to score 8 and assist 10 en route to a very successful season. A testament to his great points scoring ability was that he was often being selected by managers in the Perfect XI format of Fantrax where you can literally field any player, without limitations!

I would expect more of the same from Harrison this season. He should be a Top 30 player at least, and even made the shortlist for Over Thinking Football's awesome WAR Team of the Season article. The fact that he made this article shows that he does have the explosive potential required to be a Fantrax match winner!

Patrick Bamford

Position: Forward

20/21 Points: 418 (9th overall)

20/21 Points Per Start: 11.2

Recommended Draft Pick: 61-72 (12 Team League: Round 6)

Overview: Scored 17 goals and provided 11 fantasy assists last season, 9th highest scoring player overall, but I'm skeptical over his prospects for the 21/22 season.

I'm potentially regrettably highlighting Bamford in this article. I'm really not the biggest of fans of Bamford, even after his stunning season last year. The Leeds forward was the 9th best overall player, scoring 17 goals and providing 11 fantasy assists. The reason I'm not so high on him; his Ghost Points Per 90 average was just 6.4. This tells us that Bamford doesn't score well for the ghost points we all love in Fantrax. If the attacking returns dry up, Bamford won't be scoring you many points! I would 100% draft the likes of Ferran Torres or Ivan Toney ahead of Bamford; I just don't see him having another standout season.

I would happily take a punt on Bamford in Round 6 of a 12 team draft, but that's probably as high as I would go. The Englishman should serve you well as your FWD2 or 3, but for me he's not worthy of a FWD1 slot in any Fantrax roster.

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