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Drafting for First or Last, Not Mid-Table

"You play to win the game!" - the famous words of Herm Edwards ring heavy in all NFL fans' heads. And the GIF is even more iconic. The essence of professional sports. Wanting to be the best and not settling for being "also-rans" is the essence of professional sports. It is what makes people crave competition. But do we consider winning when we draft a fantasy football roster? Or are we too buried under values and projections to see the bigger picture? Totti and Genie are here to help you see the forest for the trees and to adopt a new kind of that will have you swimming in glory or have you head in hands....there is no in between in this. As fictional racing legend, Ricky Bobby, says: "If you ain't first, you're last." This strategy lives and dies by that quote. Click here for details on how you can access our 22/23 Draft Kit.

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