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Fantrax Default Scoring Questionnaire

Fantrax EPL users, we need you! Ahead of the 2021/22 EPL season, we’ve put together a short questionnaire based around the Fantrax Default Scoring System. This is a really important topic, as the scoring system is crucial to the user experience of Draft Premier League on Fantrax. Please read below, complete the survey, and share it far and wide!

Fantrax Default Scoring Questionnaire

If you play Fantasy EPL on Fantrax and have views to share on the scoring system, we would really appreciate it if you could complete the survey below. The survey is separated into two sections. Firstly, satisfaction with the current Fantrax Default Scoring System and the changes that were made last year. Secondly, if you think some changes are still required, we’d love to know what they are.

Please click the image below to access the questionnaire. The data provided will be taken into consideration for changes or adjustments that we make to the Fantrax Default Scoring System for the 21/22 EPL season. Please share this with your league members! It’s a really important topic and we would like to get as much data together so that future changes reflect the views of the whole Fantrax EPL Community!

Please share this with all your league mates, and anyone else you know who uses the Fantrax platform. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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