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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 33 Ghost Point Hunters

Updated: May 13, 2021

We ain’t afraid of no ghosts. In fact, we seek them – ghost points, that is. Ghost points are fantasy points that do not come from attacking returns or clean sheets. These can come in the form of key passes, successful dribbles, interceptions, accurate crosses, and aerials, among others. Identifying these points is essential for your Fantasy EPL prospects, and our Gameweek 33 Ghost Point Hunters article is here to help!

This Gameweek 33 Ghost Point Hunters article is based on the Fantrax Scoring System.

Check out our Ghost Point Tracker page for the full list of Fantasy EPL players and their respective Ghost Point capabilities!

Gameweek 33 Ghost Point Hunters

Thanks to our resident stat gods, the Ghost Point Tracker now shows ghost points per gameweek. I'd like to take advantage of that and highlight three high ghost point scorers from GW32: Gabriel Martinelli, Dan Burn, and Gareth Bale. While these three had supernatural gameweeks, they haven't experienced the afterlife enough (or haven't been regular starters) to make all of us believers just yet. But the signs are there - take a look!

Gabriel Martinelli

Position: Midfielder (not IRL though)

Team: Arsenal

Rostered: 50%

Ghost Points Per 90: N/A

Prospects: A rotation piece on the wing but has back to back starts; should play majority of games ROS.

Verdict: Great value off the wire; could get him for a MID4/5 and FWD3 via trade if not available on a free.

It is with great pleasure (and some pain) that a Gooner, Gabriel Martinelli, finally makes the cut. I didn't expect it to be Gabigoal, as he historically doesn't score many ghost points, which is why I sadly benched him this week (that's the source of the aforementioned pain). But Martinelli got in touch with his sixth sense against Fulham this week, dropping 15.5 pure ghosties. And they were from a plethora of sources: 2 Key Passes, 2 Shots on Target, 3 Accurate Crosses Not Corners, and 5 Successful Dribbles (new for him; a very positive sign). Fully fit for the first time in a long time, with a good schedule ROS and a few openings in the attack, Martinelli should get a fair amount of starts in the homestretch. He has looked very lively the past two matches (16.5 and 15.5 pts) but I want to see this continue before deeming him a bonafide boo-machine. It will also be interesting to see if he lines up as the lone striker now that both Aubameyang and Lacazette are out - this would likely give him more chances for goals but could dent his ghost points. Either way, Marty McFly is definitely worth a punt.

Dan Burn

Position: Defender

Team: Brighton

Rostered: 16%

Ghost Points Per 90: 9.0

Prospects: His place should be fairly secure (barring a tactical shift) and he is likely on your waiver wire.

Verdict: If you need a defensive streamer, you could do worse than big Dan, especially this week.

Oh, Dan Burn. A gentle giant - as anyone who is enormous but plays for a harmless team like Brighton must surely be - Burn went Blair Witch this GW. Big Dan posted 14 Ghost Points against Chelsea (20 points with a clean sheet), which stemmed from 1 Key Pass, 2 Tackles Won, 1 Interception, 4 Clearances, 1 Successful Dribble (how? he turns like the Titanic), and 7 Aerials (his bread and butter). Burn hasn't been lighting the world on fire - see what I did there? - but his ghost points actually are somewhat consistent. In his previous start, he posted almost 10 points despite Brighton conceding 2 goals to Leicester. His 9 Ghost Points Per 90 is very solid, placing him 15th amongst defenders. Brighton will face more potent attacks than the West London Burnley in the coming weeks (not this week, though, they have the luxury of playing against Sheffield United). But they are still technically fighting off relegation and have everything to play for. You can turn to Big Dan in a pinch ROS; feel the burn!

Gareth Bale

Position: Midfielder

Team: Tottenham Hotspur

Rostered: 78%

Ghost Points Per 90: 11.4

Prospects: Biggest downside was his lack of consistent starts; Darth Mourinho's sacking should see Bale get more playing time in a more attacking setup.

Verdict: Spurs have a blank in GW33; use that fact, if you have room, to try and trade him in. Upside galore.

Yes, I know I'm not exactly unearthing a gem here. But circumstances have changed with Gareth Bale and now could be the time to strike. In an otherwise uneventful week, Tottenham dropped the bomb of the sacking of Jose Mourinho. And Bale's name was on new manager/little brother Ryan Mason's first team sheet versus Southampton this week. I know some were losing faith in him - and rightly so - as he missed several matches in a row and was left out in the cold by Mourinho (and by his comments). This new manager bounce, however, could remove the shackles, spark him back into life, and provide a ton of value ROS. Bale, in addition to a goal, dropped roughly 15 ghost points against the Saints, coming from 3 Key Passes, 2 Shots on Target, 2 Tackles Won, 4 Successful Dribbles, and 2 Aerials. This is why he is a top 5 Ghost Point Per 90 player. Fitness concerns notwithstanding, the spooky Welshman could win you some gameweeks ROS.

***Click here to view the full Ghost Point Tracker table!***

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