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Fantrax EPL: Stream Your Way Through Gameweek 7

Updated: May 20, 2022

Stream your way all the way through a gameweek is one of the best and most important features of Draft Premier League. Keeping an extra spot open to be able to pick up a player who has a chance to score big could make or break your matchup. Every week we will go through the slate of matches and highlight players who are most likely available as free agent pickups but also have the chance to score extremely well if given the chance in the starting XI.

Struggling to find an open spot on your roster to make the most of all this advice? Try executing an unbalanced trade where you give away more players than you receive.

Stream Your Way Through Gameweek 7

A fan favourite segment on the Key Pass Collective is taking on a new form for the 2021/22 season. Tottiandor will highlight players likely available during the upcoming gameweek (under 45% ownership), with extremely high upside, who should definitely be started in DraftPL if given the nod by their respective managers. Accompanying our player selections, we have included projected fantasy points (abbreviated as PP) courtesy of our Inner Circle exclusive Weekly Projections.

Saturday 12:30 BST


Alex Telles

Position: Defender

Team: Manchester United

Rostered: 2%

We mentioned him in the waiver article, we mentioned him in the Perfect XI article, we mentioned him in the midweek fixtures article. And now this! Safe to say, we are big fans! An attacking left back with some set-pieces and fairly likely CS odds? What is not to like?

Honourable Mentions: Martial (PP: 9.1), McTominay (PP: 8.4)

Saturday 15:00 BST


Callum Hudson-Odoi

Position: Midfielder

Team: Chelsea

Rostered: 12%

It seems that CHO features in every single streaming article we publish. As he should. He is one of those players who is probably not worth rostering in the long run but is fairly certain to provide you close to a double digit return if he is in the lineup.

Ryan Fraser

Position: Midfielder

Team: Newcastle

Rostered: 7%

I'll just leave this guy in here permanently as well. Start him if he starts, drop him if he doesn't. He is bound to feature one of these days.

Honourable Mentions: Normann (PP: 10.4), Joelinton (PP: 9.6), Lees-Melou (PP: 9.8), King (PP: 10.0)

Saturday 17:30 BST


Joel Veltman

Position: Defender

Team: Brighton

Rostered: 36%

We mentioned him on the Key Pass Collective as one of those players who is criminally under-rostered. He should not be mentioned in this article, to be honest. Any self-respecting Fantrax manager will pick him up and keep him once he for some reason hits waivers in a league.

Honourable Mentions: Martinelli (PP: 8.6), Lokonga (PP: 8.5), Big Dan Burn (PP: 7.2)

Sunday 14:00 BST


Jeffrey Schlupp

Position: Midfielder

Team: Palace

Rostered: 2%

My name is JEFF! He is back!!! Well, he is likely not starting, but he is healthy and has a chance. If he is in the Starting XI, I'd start him ahead of all the available meh midfield options. He has a great floor and a decent chance of getting an attacking return against struggling Leicester.

Honourable Mentions: Albrighton (PP: 12), Romero (PP: 9.7), Masuaku (PP: 9.1), Ayoze (PP: 8.9), Mbeumo (PP: 8.0)

Sunday 16:30 BST


I would advise against leaving it until the last game to stream a starting spot because pickings will be slim.

James Milner

Position: Midfielder

Team: Liverpool

Rostered: 7%

Those projected points look nasty, I know. But at this point, we are talking about a situation where either you need cover for a player playing in the last game, or you have managed to play yourself into a situation where you have an open starting spot for the "least streamable game ever". Worry not. Milner deputised ably for TAA in the midweek "training session" against Porto and he even took some set pieces. When life gives you an open roster spot for the last game of the GW, Milner is one of the best things you can make (or lemonade).

Honourable Mentions: Jones (PP: 6.2), Fernandinho (PP: 8.7)

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