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Key Takeaways from October's Top 150 Fantrax EPL Consensus Ranks

Over the course of the Premier League season, the full team of Draft Society analysts (or as many as can be available) put together their respective lists of their top 150 players for the rest of the season, based on Fantrax Default Scoring. For this latest version of our Consensus Ranks, we're taking a look at which players are on the rise, which are on a downward trajectory, and which divide opinion.

Kevin de Bruyne dribbles away from Luke Shaw

Key Takeaways from October's Consensus Ranks

Even though there was only about a month between our last ranks and the most recent Consensus Top 150 Players, there's been some big shifts. Multiple factors come into play when determining how to rank players against one another, but some of the key contributors to large-scale changes are injuries (or returns to fitness), player form, managerial preferences and the remaining fixtures. That doesn't even account for extra competitions and the resulting rotation nightmares we're all subject to from time to time. In short, arriving at any sort of objective fantasy valuation for a player would be impossible.

Since that's the case, we aggregate the collective ranks across each of our analysts to arrive at our top 150, removing the highest and lowest rank to eliminate outliers on either side and using a score of 200 for anyone we haven't ranked in our respective lists. After a run-through to ensure we haven't missed anyone by accident, we make any final tweaks and then publish the resulting list for you to peruse and compare to your own, or to help you evaluate potential trade offers to your league mates. Now that you've gotten a peek behind the scenes, let's break down some of the trends coming out of the latest version of our rest-of-season rankings.

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