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Should You Take a FWD, MID, or DEF in the 1st Round of Your Fantasy EPL Draft?

The clock ticks and you're up to draft your 1st round pick. Who do you take? Should you take a FWD, MID, or DEF? Which position is most valuable this early? Read below for insight on Fantasy EPL positional strategies to employ in the 1st Round of your Premier League Draft! For more incredible analysis and insight for the upcoming draft season take a look at our 23/24 Draft Kit and our Pricing Plans.

Should you take a FWD, MID, or DEF in your fantasy EPL draft?

Check out our 23/24 Draft Kit for all the pre-season information you could ever need. We've got a Live Draft Aide, Draft Rankings, Team Previews, Cheat Sheets, Strategy Articles, Draft 101.

Should You Take a FWD, MID, or DEF in the 1st Round of Your Fantasy EPL Draft?

Does it matter what position (FWD, MID, or DEF) you take with your 1st draft pick? In short, no. It isn't essential that you take any particular position. However, you could argue that one position is more valuable than another depending on the circumstances/draft. How you pick in Round 1 also sets up the rest of your draft and how you arrange the rest of your roster. Just like where you pick (draft position), it sets the tone of your draft and determines where you’ll need to invest later. Genie & Ryan are here to talk you through it; they lay out their views on why you should or shouldn't spend your valuable draft capital on a particular position.

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