Strategies for Quick and Slow Drafts in Fantasy EPL

Ever considered the different strategies you need to bring to the Draft Room whilst undertaking different formats of a Fantasy EPL Draft? This article dives into the different strategies and approaches you should take depending on if your league is carrying out a Slow Draft or a Quick Draft.

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Quick vs. Slow Draft

The type of draft your league agrees on should heavily influence how you approach and prepare for draft day. A quick draft will usually take 2-3 hours to finish, and if its live there will be a lot of distractions and even mind games. I have seen some slow drafts take as long as 3 weeks to finish! They are painful, but sometimes will allow you to perfectly plan each pick.

3 Tips for a Quick Draft

Creating Ranks and Tiers

Each of your picks will come faster than you think, planning who to pick at each round will largely depend on who is available. I would strongly recommend creating your own tiered sheet based on positions, and ranking players in the Fantrax draft room. Using this combined with the Draft Rankings resources we provide should allow you to properly plan each pick. Going into each pick knowing which group of players you are choosing between will allow you to spend the allotted time making a 50/50 call instead of panic searching through your queue.

Having a Plan B, C, and even D

Arguably the most important strategy in a quick draft! Let’s say you have your eyes on Pulisic for your Round 4 pick then your mate the pick before you steals him from under your nose! After searching through your queue frantically you end up panic drafting Rudiger since you had your heart set on a Chelsea Player. In the ideal situation even if Pulisic was snagged right before you, having backup options would allow you to calmly select the next guy on your list, and move on without having to worry about ruining your entire draft with one awful pick.

Learn About Your League Mates

In a quick draft despite having ranks, and having done mock drafts, you and your league mates will fall victim to your usual ways. Is someone in your league dead set on drafting Martial every year without fail? It will happen again. Is someone usually completely avoidant on defence? They probably won’t draft one for the first 10 rounds. Understanding these little things about your league mates can give you the upper hand in a quick draft. It will help you better predict what the people in the picks nearest to you may end up doing allowing you to better plan your strategy. If you were Pick 11, and you know the manager at pick 12 will not draft a defender in Round 4 but you are targeting Reece James, you can probably wait until after the turn to draft him instead of reaching 2-3 spots higher.

3 Tips for a Slow Draft

Look Through Other Teams

One advantage of a slow draft, especially one involving people from different time zones, is being able to constantly check the teams other managers have drafted. More specifically the managers close to your pick. You will be able to better predict their next moves, or even play mind games by forcing them to reach for a player. For example: If the manager at Pick 9 only has one midfielder by Round 7, even though you have 4 midfielders, you drafting someone like Stuart Armstrong, will force them to panic and reach for a midfielder in a tier or 2 below such as Shelvey. It will also allow you to ensure you don’t forget about drafting any positions you need to fill in.

Don’t Panic Pick

Yes, while you shouldn’t be holding up the draft room for more than 5 minutes to make your pick if you are available, in a slow draft there is no need to make a panic pick. Even if the manager before you steals your pick from under you, you can take the time to look through your queue, ranks, and current roster to make a proper selection instead of being forced to panic draft Townsend in Round 4. Again, I am not recommending you sit there for more than 5 minutes and hold up your league’s draft, but simply saying something like, “I will make my pick within 5 minutes” will allow the next manager to think of a few options while you properly pick the player that will suit your roster.

Mid-Draft Trades

Now this is something that may not be allowed in all leagues, but I am encouraging it. A slow draft is very long, tedious, and sometimes just boring. To make it a bit more interesting looking to make some mid-draft trades can help you not only get a step ahead in your league, but allow you to go with the flow of a draft a bit better. Let’s say by Round 5 you have 3 midfielders and 2 defenders and are desperate for a forward. You look around and see the best forward is Welbeck who you are not interested, but Jimmy at Pick 6 already has 3 forwards but no midfielders. With the delays in a slow draft, you and Jimmy can more likely than not come to deal potentially involving draft picks as well as players to better balance both your teams.

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