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The Inner Circle Explained: Join Us For Exclusive Benefits!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Here at The Draft Society we pride ourselves on being an independently run website offering the very best Draft Premier League and Fantasy EPL content available. In order to cover the running costs of the website and the time of our dedicated team of writers, we're offering an awesome set of benefits for those of you who want access to additional resources, as well as supporting our site.

Check out our 21/22 Draft Kit for all the pre-season information you would ever need. Draft Rankings, Team Previews, Strategy, Draft 101. We've got it all!!!

The Inner Circle Explained

The Inner Circle is an exclusive members only section of The Draft Society site with a whole host of benefits! You will receive in-depth and exclusive resources for members, direct access to our writers via Twitter and our Discord channel, access to publish your very own written content on our site, plus much more!


We offer two payment plans. $5 per month, or an outright $50 for a year.


So what do you get for your membership fee?! Read below for all the details!

Extra Weekly Articles - Receive additional weekly articles looking into aspects of Fantasy EPL not usually covered. A weekly deep-dive into Fantrax "ghost point" information will be the focus here.

Weekly ROS Rankings - A Top 100 Overall Rankings table for Fantrax users, updated every single week! Weekly changes in player prospects will be reflected here, to compliment our monthly consensus rankings.

Fixture Difficulty Tracker - Our unique and amazing creation. Filtered by position and using points against data, we provide a way for you to track which teams have the easiest set of upcoming fixtures.

Set Piece Tracker - A detailed report every GW of who is taking set pieces, focusing on any notable shifts that will lead to a rise/fall in player value.

Members Only Discord Community - Access our exclusive Discord channel featuring all of our writers, as well as fellow members of The Inner Circle. Come here for friendly help and guidance throughout the season!

Listener Question Podcasts - Access to submit questions for special listener questions podcasts! Our analysts will answer and discuss your questions, live on the Key Pass Collective podcast!

Weekly Player Projections - Draft Lad is here with his Fantrax Points Projections for every single GW! Fed up of the inaccurate projections on the Fantrax platform? This is where you need to come for accurate and well calculated projections!

Submit Articles for Publication - Members of The Inner Circle will have access to post their very own written content in our Community Submissions section! Anything you want... you write it, we publish it!

Draft Resource Database - Access to an exclusive list of Draft PL resources featuring everything a Fantasy manager would need to get their tips, stats, podcasts... other than directly with The Draft Society, of course.

Note: Most of these benefits are aimed towards users of the Fantrax platform on the default (Togga) scoring system, as this is by far the most popular Draft Fantasy EPL game currently.

Special Pre-Season Benefits

During the all important pre-season period, we're offering a couple of additional benefits to help you navigate your summer drafts:

  • 10 members only Draft Kit articles - These will be unique special feature type articles, delving into topics we wouldn't usually cover. Includes our Tiered Rankings Cheatsheet for epic draft prep!

  • Early access to summer mock drafts - These will be advertised on our members-only Discord channel, on a first come, first served basis.

How to Sign Up

So, do you want to sign up? Head over to our dedicated Inner Circle page, select the plan you want to join, and gain access to all of the amazing benefits mentioned above!

Check out The Draft Society's 21/22 Draft Kit for all the draft prep you would ever need! Draft Rankings, Team Previews, Strategy, Draft 101, and so much more!!

For all the latest from The Draft Society, follow @Draft_Society on Twitter!

And for more in-depth and exclusive resources, become a member of The Inner Circle.


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