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Trading Draft Picks and Why Leagues Should Allow It

You already have FAB, you already have trades, and your league is very active, what else can you do to get to the next level? Trading draft picks! Ideally, this feature is best used in dynasty leagues, but it can be a fun add in normal re-draft leagues too. Read below for all the details of why you should allow this Fantasy EPL setting on Fantrax!

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First, the league commissioner has to set up the option to trade draft picks. He can do that under Dynasty/Kepper section in the Miscellaneous settings. After that you have to enable it under Transactions/Trade settings. Once you have done that, you are ready to trade draft picks.

Strategy and What To Look Out For

When allowing draft pick trading in re-draft leagues the most important thing to remember is that, you do not want to cause an imbalance in the league, so this only works well if the fantasy knowledge in the league is of a similar standard. Draft pick valuation is even more difficult than player valuation, let alone when you mix those 2. The possibilities are endless but some ground rules need to be set before embarking on the journey into the "belly of the beast". I recommend deciding on whether FAB, Waiver positions are allowed to be involved in draft pick trading or only draft picks for draft picks and players.

It is also worth considering the number of picks a team can have. I recommend setting roster limits, therefore in a 16-round draft, no team can end up with more than 16 players, so even if a manager acquires more than 16 draft picks after he has chosen his 16th player, he will not be able to select any more players, however, many draft picks he has left. The most common, and most easily managed draft pick trade is the "moving up" trade in which you suspect a fellow manager ahead of you in the draft queue to be targeting the same player as you are and therefore you make a deal with a 3rd manager who has a pick before your opponent. These trades usually involve minimal value change in the picks, so they can be supplemented by a little FAB or a late-round pick.

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