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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 36 Hot or Cold

Our Gameweek 36 Hot or Cold article is here to outline the current prospects of key Fantasy EPL players. The 'Hot' or 'Cold' status will help take away your emotional attachment to certain Draft Premier League players and help you bring in the players that you need to help you dominate your Fantrax Draft League!

These Hot or Cold ratings are based on the data contained within the Weekly Rest-of-Season Rankings produced by The FF Chaps. The Draft Society's exclusive weekly refresh of Fantasy EPL prospect rankings!

Gameweek 36 Hot List

These are Fantasy EPL players that have risen in our Weekly ROS Rankings! Keep an eye on these Draft Premier League players, and bring them into your Fantrax squad if you can.

Vitalii Mykolenko

Position: Defender

Team: Everton

GW35 Rank: N/A

GW36 Rank: 81

What's Changed?: Vitalii Mykolenko has been fairly poor as a Fantrax asset since his arrival in January, especially considering he took over from a proven stud such as Digne as Everton LB. But over the course of the last five GWs, the Ukrainian defender has scored 47.5 points, averaging 9.5 points per game. This, coupled with the fact that Everton have back-to-back double GWs, has me pretty interested. I snapped up Mykolenko during GW35, and I'll be starting him in GW36 and GW37. If he's still free in your league, I would recommend taking a look! Robbie featured the Everton man in his Sleepers XI, and Draft Society writing debut, earlier this week too.

Tyrick Mitchell

Position: Defender

Team: Crystal Palace

GW35 Rank: N/A

GW36 Rank: 89

What's Changed?: Next up I'm featuring a non-double GW36 player, who's probably a free agent in most leagues and could provide you with some solid rest-of-season returns. As many a Fantrax manager will be desperately trying to fill their roster with double GW36 assets, why not snag Tyrick Mitchell who has fairly easy single GWs 36 and 38, with a nice double GW37 in-between. The Crystal Palace youngster hasn't been in the best of form recently, but now that he's back from injury I fancy Mitchell to score pretty well in his fixtures against Watford, Aston Villa, Everton, and Manchester United.

Danny Welbeck

Position: Forward

Team: Brighton

GW35 Rank: 134

GW36 Rank: 79

What's Changed?: And finally I wanted to highlight perhaps the most under the radar 'hot' player to ever exist. Danny Welbeck is the 9th highest scoring player over the course of the last month, but has anyone actually realised?! I don't think they have. Welbeck gained two assists in GW35, and scored in GW34. Brighton don't have any double GWs before the end of the season, but they have a decent fixture list as they face Manchester United, Leeds United, and West Ham United. If you're struggling for a forward, pick up Welbeck. He's been starting pretty frequently since the turn of the year, and is in really good form. I'd rather start him this weekend ahead of a random streamer that could play anywhere between 30 and 180 minutes during their DGW36!

For the full list of all the Gameweek 36 risers, check out the Weekly ROS Rankings page!

Gameweek 36 Cold List

These are Fantasy EPL players that have fallen in our Weekly ROS Rankings. This may be due to poor form, they have been dropped from the best 11, they have suffered an injury, or received a suspension. It's time to consider trading out these Draft Premier League players from your rosters!

Pedro Neto

Position: Forward

Team: Wolves

GW35 Rank: 68

GW36 Rank: 96

What's Changed?: I've had to drop Pedro Neto down in my rankings, after yet more time riding the bench over the past couple of weeks. I can see the Portuguese winger starting one of Wolves' GW36 games after coming on at half-time in GW35, but considering they face Chelsea and Manchester City, as well as Liverpool in GW38, I've been advising many to drop Neto in favour of more reliable assets. Wolves do face Norwich in GW37, so it might be worth holding Neto in the hope that he starts that game, but its safe to say this season has been a write-off for the returning star. Hopefully he'll be fully fit and ready to go for next season, and return to his 20/21 season prominence!

Recommendation: As I've said above, I think Neto is droppable considering the fixtures Wolves have, and the limited minutes he's gained in recent weeks and months. Bring in a more reliable GW36 asset, and try to snap him up again from waivers ready for a potential GW37 start against relegated Norwich.

Conor Gallagher

Position: Midfielder

Team: Crystal Palace

GW35 Rank: 71

GW36 Rank: 94

What's Changed?: Conor Gallagher has been long overdue a write up in my 'cold' section. The Chelsea loanee has without a doubt been a revelation this season, but his form has tailed off the last couple of months. And so to has his Fantrax scores!! During the last two months Gallagher has scored just 20.5 points, averaging 3.42 points per game! The midfielder has zero attacking returns since February 23rd, and is losing out to the likes of Olise, Eze, and Zaha when it comes to set pieces.

Recommendation: I would be very tempted to drop Gallagher ahead of GW36. Palace do have a double GW37 which is tempting, but based on recent events he's barely going to hit double digits from those two games. Like Neto above, I would drop Gallagher in favour of a good GW36 asset and then potentially bring him back in for GW37.

Sergio Reguilon

Position: Defender

Team: Tottenham Hotspur

GW35 Rank: 96

GW36 Rank: 112

What's Changed?: The final cold player I'm going to feature is Sergio Reguilon, which is an easy one to analyse. I dropped the Spaniard down to 112th overall earlier in the week, but since then he's actually been ruled out for the season. Therefore, Reguilon is an easy drop ahead of GW36. I would expect Ryan Sessegnon to get the nod at LWB for the final games, but his potential is limited due to his classification as a midfielder on Fantrax.

Recommendation: Drop.

For the full list of all the Gameweek 36 fallers, check out the Weekly ROS Rankings page!

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