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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 19 & 20 Set Piece Takers

Set pieces are an incredibly important part of football, with between 25% and 33% of goals scored coming from a set piece. They are equally important in Fantrax EPL, and in these articles we will highlight the trends in set pieces that will lead to player value fluctuation.

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Gameweek 19 & 20 Set Piece Takers


With Martinelli again starting, and ESR still out of the startup lineup, we again saw Martinelli taking right-footed corners (just 1 in GW19). Saka and Odegaard each took 1 lefty corner, in a change from previous weeks where Saka has taken them all. Arsenal only had 1 free kick, a direct one from Odegaard. ESR could take back his starting spot and set pieces from Martinelli in GW21 after scoring again off the bench in GW19. Lacazette took and scored a penalty.

Aston Villa

Villa only had 2 corners and Luiz took 1 (a short corner) and Targett took the other (via his left foot). McGinn was out injured, otherwise he likely would have taken the lefty. Targett could get more set pieces if McGinn misses more time. Villa has 1 free kick cross via Luiz.


In GW19 Brentford had 9 corners taken by 4 guys. Jensen and Mbeumo played the 1st half where Mbeumo took 3 (2 inswingers, 1 outswinger) and Jensen took 1 (an outswinger). After they subbed off, Canos took 2 (both outswingers) and Ghoddos took 3 in the second half. Janelt was out with COVID. In GW20, it was much simpler as Jensen was the only of the 5 who started and got substantial minutes. Jensen played 90 minutes and took 3 corners and 2 free kicks (inaccurate crosses).


In GW19 Mac Allister and Moder started but March and Gross did not. Mac Allister got 6 corners (including multiple from both sides), and 1 free kick. Moder also got 1 free kick shot and some deep free kick crosses. Trossard got 1 direct free kick as well. In GW20, March started alongside Moder and Mac Allister, but still no Gross. This time around March and Mac Allister split set pieces with Mac getting 6 corners (some from each side) and 2 free kicks to March's 2 corners and 1 free kick. Moder didn't get any and he looks to be behind both of the other 2. Moder, Mac Allister, and Gross are righties, and March is a lefty.


McNeil and Westwood each took 2 corners and Westwood got the 1 free kick. Wood also interestingly took 1 corner.


In GW19, Mount took all 5 corners (from both sides) and Reece James took both free kicks. Jorginho took and scored 2 penalties. In GW20, Mount took 6 corners (including both sides). But, Reece took 3 (also including both sides) after subbing on and Alonso took 1. Mount also took 1 free kick cross. With Reece out with a torn hammy, his fellow right-footed set piece taker Mount, should prosper even more going forward.

Crystal Palace

In GW19 Hughes took 2 corners and Gallagher took 1 free kick. In GW20 Hughes took 6 corners and 4 free kicks and Gallagher did not play. Hughes did sub off for Milivojevic who proceeded to take 2 corners and 1 free kick. Edouard took and converted 1 penalty.


Did not play, as games were postponed

Leicester City

In GW19 Maddison took 3 corners and 1 direct free kick (on target). Interestingly, Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall also took 1 corner. In GW20 vs Liverpool, KDH again took 1 corner and Maddison had 0. KDH is a lefty and Maddison is a righty, so this is an important one to keep an eye on as Maddison has previously taken from both sides. KDH may not be part of Leicester's ideal XI but they're far from healthy and KDH has been hot lately.


Did not play, as games were postponed


With Robertson suspended, Alexander-Arnold and Tsimikas split corners and free kicks (6 and 5 for corners and 2 and 1 for free kicks respectively). Milner also got 1 corner. Salah took but missed his penalty in GW20.

Manchester City

In GW19, Mahrez took 8 corners, KDB took 4 and Foden and Gundogan each took 1 (after KDB subbed off and Foden on). Mahrez took their 1 direct free kick (off target). Mahrez and Sterling each took and scored 1 penalty each (with Gundogan & KDB on the pitch). In GW20 Foden started and Mahrez did not. As a result, Foden took 3 corners and KDB took 2. KDB also took City's 2 free kick crosses.

Manchester United

In GW19 Telles started and took all 3 of United's corners (from both sides) and their 1 free kick cross. In GW20 Shaw started and took 5 of United's 7 corners and their 1 free kick. Greenwood took the other 2 corners, like he did a few times early in the season. Bruno played in19 but not in 20. Telles taking a corner over Bruno in GW19 on his usual side is concerning for Bruno managers (among other things to be worried about).


Fraser and Jacob Murphy each took 1 corner and Fraser and Shelvey each took 1 free kick cross. Shelvey not only losing his monopoly but conceding corners to both of them is concerning. We'll see if it sticks as well as if Fraser and Murphy keep starting.

Norwich City

In GW19 Gilmour took 2 corners and Dowell 1 (in a rare start for him). Placheta had 0, so Dowell looks to have priority over him. No free kicks. In GW20 Dowell was back on the bench, and so Gilmour and Placheta each had 4 corners and 1 free kick cross.


Between GW19 and 20, JWP took 5 corners and 2 free kicks. No other Southampton players involved. He also took and converted a penalty in GW19.


Between GW19 and 20, Son took 10 corners and 1 free kick. Bergwijn took 1 corner after Son subbed off. Kane also got 1 direct free shot (on target) as well as 1 penalty he scored.


Ranieri's side didn't have any corners until Louza subbed on in the 40th minute. He proceeded to take all 4 of them as well as 2 of 3 of Watford's free kicks. Masina got the 1 other free kick cross. Cleverley did not play and Cucho Hernandez only played the first 45 minutes.

West Ham

Bowen took 5 corners, Lanzini took 4 and Fornals took 1. Fornals and Lanzini each played a half. Bowen, Masuaku, and Coufal each had 1 free kick cross. In GW20 Bowen took 3 corners and Lanzini took 2. Fornals was out with COVID. Bowen took their 1 free kick cross. Noble took and scored 1 penalty kick (with Antonio on the pitch).


Did not play, as games were postponed

Things to Watch Out For From This Week

  • Will (or have) any previous set piece takers contract(ed) COVID, leading to changed situations going forward temporarily?

  • With Reece James out, will Mount have a near monopoly going forward?

  • Is KDH here to stay and will he keep taking right-sided, left-footed corners over Maddison?

  • Will Gross stay out of the lineup, and will Mac Allister stay in it with a near monopoly?

  • Has Shelvey lost corners or only a 1 week blip?

  • Will Greenwood or Bruno get corners again?

Things to Watch Out For From Previous Weeks

  • How long will usual Everton set piece takers be out for, and will Gordon be rosterable in the mean time as a result? TBD

  • Will Lacazette take Arsenal's next penalty kick despite missing? Yes!

  • Have Odegaard and Alonso lost corner-taking duties completely? Mostly for both

  • Will Jensen continue to start and take set pieces? Yes, with Janelt out

  • Will Olise or Eze ever start for Palace and have priority over Hughes, Mili and Gallagher for set pieces? TBC but not yet

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