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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 23 Hot or Cold

Updated: May 3, 2022

Our Gameweek 23 Hot or Cold article is here to outline the current prospects of key Fantasy EPL players.  The 'Hot' or 'Cold' status will help take away your emotional attachment to certain Draft Premier League players and help you bring in the players that you need to help you dominate your Fantrax Draft League!

These Hot or Cold ratings are based on the data contained within the Weekly Rest-of-Season Rankings produced by The FF Chaps. The Draft Society's exclusive weekly refresh of Fantasy EPL prospect rankings!

🔥🔥🔥 Gameweek 23 Hot List 🔥🔥🔥

These are Fantasy EPL players that have risen in our Weekly ROS Rankings! Keep an eye on these Draft Premier League players, and bring them into your Fantrax squad if you can.

James Maddison

Position: Midfielder

Team: Leicester City

GW22 Rank: 19

GW23 Rank: 15

What's Changed?: I've bumped James Maddison up to 15th overall as his great Fantrax and real life performances continue. The former Norwich midfielder has really upped his game, with 10 attacking returns in Leicester's last 7 games. Maddison is now averaging 12 points per start and is the 26th highest scoring Fantrax player. A remarkable turnaround in stats considering his really poor start to the season (he's the highest scoring player since November 26th despite having games postponed). Maddison is now in the same group of midfielders as Mount, Foden, and ASM for me.

Alexis Mac Allister

Position: Midfielder

Team: Brighton & Hove Albion

GW22 Rank: 85

GW23 Rank: 63

What's Changed?: Alexis Mac Allister is up to 63rd overall, after another great GW. The Brighton midfielder has scored 18.5, 26.5, and 21 points in the last three GWs, and, due to his ability from set pieces, I see his numbers continuing to hit double digits. As long as Mac Allister is starting, he's a great midfielder to roster in Fantrax. The Argentine is very well suited to Potter's tactics and is now the 12th best Fantrax midfielder in our Ghost Point Tracker.


Position: Forward

Team: Newcastle United

GW22 Rank: 90

GW23 Rank: 76

What's Changed?: Joelinton is Newcastle's best player under Eddie Howe. Playing as a central midfielder. What a turnaround for the Brazilian forward who is well known for being a £40m flop! Joelinton is now looking like a genuine Premier League quality player and is scoring pretty well on Fantrax. His central midfield role is enabling him to fill out the stats sheet fairly well, and for me he's an ideal FWD3. I've now got Joelinton ranked 76th overall, moving up 14 places after a second consecutive double digit ghost point haul.

For the full list of all the Gameweek 23 risers, check out the Weekly ROS Rankings page!

❄️❄️❄️ Gameweek #23 Cold List ❄️❄️❄️

These are Fantasy EPL players that have fallen in our Weekly ROS Rankings. This may be due to poor form, they have been dropped from the best 11, they have suffered an injury, or received a suspension. It's time to consider trading out these Draft Premier League players from your rosters!

Bernardo Silva

Position: Midfielder

Team: Manchester City

GW22 Rank: 21

GW23 Rank: 30

What's Changed?: I've moved Bernardo Silva down 9 places to 30th overall, despite the fact that he continues to play 90 minutes more often than not, and is scoring fairly well in Fantrax. The reason I've moved Silva down is because City don't have any games in hand, and their priorities might shift away from the EPL over the coming months. I would try to trade Silva out for a midfielder who is showing better form, and has more remaining games to play. So I wouldn't say Silva is 'cold', but there's certainly several players I would rather roster rest of season.

Recommendation: The aforementioned Maddison would be my number one target in a trade for Silva. I would also happily swap him for the likes of Gallagher, McNeil, Ward-Prowse or Tielemans.

Ethan Pinnock

Position: Defender

Team: Brentford

GW22 Rank: 41

GW23 Rank: 58

What's Changed?: This one feels slightly harsh, but Ethan Pinnock has dropped 17 places to 58th overall. The Brentford defender is still scoring pretty well for ghost points (9.25 points in GW22 despite conceding 3), but Brentford are conceding lots of goals, they are slipping down the table at an alarming rate, and Brentford don't have any games in hand. For these reasons, I've dropped Pinnock down below the likes of Tarkowski, Keane, Reguilon, and Cresswell.

Recommendation: Try to trade Pinnock out for the four defenders mentioned above. They play for better sides and/or have games in hand.

Emerson Royal

Position: Defender

Team: Tottenham Hotspur

GW22 Rank: 115

GW23 Rank: 145

What's Changed?: Emerson Royal shouldn't be rostered in Fantrax. Don't let the huge points hauls of 30 in GW19 and 28 in GW21 fool you. The 23 year old Brazilian has been widely panned as a flop at Spurs, due to his poor in real life performances. Royal was withdrawn at half-time against Leicester in GW22, which tells you everything you need to know. Tottenham are looking into signings such as Adama Traore to take over at RWB, and I'd expect a new arrival to join before the end of January.

Recommendation: Drop Royal to free agents if you can't get anyone to bite on a trade. Don't be fooled by his sometimes good Fantrax scores. He won't continue in the Tottenham side going forward.

For the full list of all the Gameweek 23 fallers, check out the Weekly ROS Rankings page!

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