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Fantrax EPL: Gameweek 34 Perfect XI

DPLCommLeague have brought the concept over to Fantrax, and it is sensational. We're here to provide Draft Premier League managers with our very own Perfect XI tips for each gameweek. Details of the concept and rules can be found here!

Check out DPLCommLeague for further information on the format, regular updates on the latest standings, as well as information on how you can enter.

Fantasy EPL Gameweek 34 Perfect XI

So, what is Perfect XI? Similar to Official Fantasy Premier League game, all managers have full access to the entire player pool each week, meaning multiple teams within the league could be completely identical. The main departures from OFPL are the Fantrax Default Scoring, unlimited transfers each week, no budget/salary cap, and live lineup changes available. This means that each week you can select a dream team of Fantrax assets who you think will score the most points on a given gameweek, and have the added bonus of being able to see the real life lineups before your players lock in. Magic.

Check out our Perfect XI tips below. These are our recommendations for the best eleven players this weekend! Picks are now accompanied by our weekly projections, which our Inner Circle members can exclusively access.

GK: Edouard Mendy

We have a miniature DGW with only Manchester United and Chelsea playing 2 games this week. As such we're picking one of their goalies and this week we're opting for Chelsea's Mendy. He faces West Ham and then United and has a 36% chance of a clean sheet in the first and a 25% in the second (or 52% chance of at least 1 CS if you like math). Goalies are mostly a crapshoot, you might as well take one that has 2 games.

Pivot: David De Gea

DEF: Marcos Alonso, Reece James, Trent Alexander-Arnold

Our defense is made up of 3 regulars to this article in TAA and the 2 Chelsea wide backs. However, this week, Alonso and James have the fortune of having a DGW. Do I think they're likely to get 4 starts between them? Probably not, but I'll happily take 3, and considering they'd still be worth considering if they only played 1 game definitely, potentially 2 games is all upside. United and West Ham may not be the worst offensively, but they're also not the best defensively. With regards to teams with poor offenses and defenses, Everton fit the bill nicely. Alexander-Arnold faces them in the derby this weekend, and has one of the better projections (17.8) you'll ever see for a defender (in a SGW). He has a 54% chance of a clean sheet, 34% of an assist, and 12% of a clean sheet. Everton's defense really has been pitiful as of late, key passes should be pretty easy to come by.

Pivots: Joao Cancelo, Alex Telles, Thiago Silva, Cesar Azpilicueta

MID: Mason Mount, Bruno Fernandes, Kevin De Bruyne, Kai Havertz

The 2 regular, best midfielders from the 2 DGW teams in Mason Mount and Bruno Fernandes are locks this week (unless they see surprise rotation) in my opinion. KDB gets the best matchup on paper against Watford at home, meaning he will also likely be heavily picked (and rightfully so). Mount has a 45% chance at an assist, KDB 40%, and Bruno 35%. Very similarly for goal odds; Mount has a 45% chance, KDB 43%, and Bruno 34%. These guys take set pieces, they're the creative brains behind their teams, and they 2/3 have DGWs. Don't overthink it. The 4th and potential 5th mid spots, however, are a different story. Multiple options from the DGW teams and beyond exist. Sancho is likely to start 2 games, even if they're tough matchups. Grealish, Foden, and the like face Watford and have loads of upside. Kante is a high floor, low ceiling option if he manages to start 2 games. Kulusevski and Spurs face Brentford. Instead of all those guys, who are plenty arguable and viable, I'm opting for the low floor, high ceiling Kai Havertz. He's just too hot at the moment (averaging 18.5 fpts in his last 5 starts), to leave on the bench. This week, he has the highest goal odds of any midfielder with a 55% chance to score, as well as a respectable 30% chance for an assist. If he doesn't manage a return you might be left disappointed but it's a good week to take a shot on him.

Pivots: Jadon Sancho, Jack Grealish, N'Golo Kante, Dejan Kulusevski

FWD: Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah, Riyad Mahrez

Last week, Totti wrote that "we [only] believe in Ronaldo when he's facing Norwich". Boy was he correct there. A hat trick and 40 points later, despite the harder matchups, I think you almost have to pick CR7 this week in another DGW. Despite his tough matchups on paper, he still has the highest goal scoring odds of the weekend with 65% likelihood to score at least once (between 2 starts). Next to him, we have our resident stud, and "returned to form" Mo Salah who had some phenomenal play vs United in the midweek. He's 55% to score and 39% to assist, and that's only in 1 game (vs Everton)! Finally, we have our favorite forward option from Man City, the Algerian, Riyad Mahrez. If he doesn't start, which he very well may not, you can easily pivot to 1 of his teammates. But we like him the best due to his higher floor, ghost-point scoring ability, as well as his red-hot form. He's also 54% likely to score and 37% likely to assist. I think you're going to want at least a couple pieces of the Man City attack vs bottom-of-the-table Watford.

Pivots: Raheem Sterling, Timo Werner, Gabriel Jesus, Harry Kane

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